Eliminate Endless Loading Screens: Ensure a Reliable Phone Internet Connection

Eliminate Endless Loading Screens

The quality and speed of our internet connection are so important in modern people’s lifestyles that it takes about three seconds for a person to leave the site if it doesn’t load. Unfortunately, this issue can’t permanently be fixed rapidly to support the increasing number of users, so you may have noticed websites of big companies having trouble loading. 

Many businesses lose customers and money due to this factor. But sometimes, the never-ending loading screen might occur due to your weak internet connection or data plan that hasn’t been updated for a while. Indeed, 3G or 4G speeds are not reliable anymore, as 5G technology is constantly improving, providing better internet capacity and a faster approach to AR and VR. 

Therefore, you need to ditch your old internet data plan and learn more new tricks to make internet surfing smoother and more enjoyable. 

Try digital SIM cards

Whether you’re traveling a lot in or outside the country, having reliable internet access is essential to be up to date with the latest news and also find information when needed. Indeed, regular SIM cards are good in most cases, but some do not provide great data connectivity in certain areas. Therefore, you might want to try installing an eSIM that doesn’t require changing your phone number or getting a new physical SIM card.

This technology only works with data, so you won’t be able to make phone calls or send regular messages. However, it’s a great solution for those whose jobs or lives rely on the internet. You only need to purchase the preferred plan, install it and use it. Most phone brands are compatible with this type of digital tool, so whether you want to get an eSIM for iPhone, Samsung or Google phone, be sure that you’ll have the best internet connection everywhere.

Always update your software

We know that updates are rather annoying because they always urge you to install them immediately, but it may happen that you don’t have enough battery or a good internet connection at that time. Therefore, they can be delayed, and you might forget about them at some point.

However, we can’t stress this enough ― updates are some of the most important aspects of taking care of your smartphone. They not only help get rid of unwanted files and outdated systems but also keep your phone protected from cyberattacks.

Besides, if your phone hasn’t done the latest updates in a while, this will automatically slow down your internet connection and its performance, becoming more annoying than before. Moreover, don’t forget to check for a few things in your internet and connection settings because some functions might change after installation.

Get a signal booster

Sometimes, despite all your tricks and tips, you still can’t get a decent internet connection. This can happen especially if you live in a remote area or are an explorer who likes to travel to less-known spots. A signal booster doesn’t always work, especially if you’re far from a cell tower.

Still, in most cases, it does, and you can install it even on your vehicle as you’re traveling. The device can surely improve your internet connection but will mostly ensure better call quality, messaging, and fewer dropped calls.

The coverage area you’ll get depends on many factors, from the type of device you have, the signal strength in the areas and its layout. Sometimes, when you’re within a city, the broadcasted signal can be limited by walks and furniture, so even if your internet connection is better, expect some bugs here and there.

Delete apps that drain your data

Among the causes that lead to a poor internet connection, apps are some of the trickiest ones to tackle because it’s not easy to figure out which are harming your signal power. That’s because you don’t realize that the app is still running in the background despite closing it hours ago. These apps consume system, resources, data and storage space, which together slow down your internet connection.

You can solve this problem on iOS by opening your settings section and looking for the mobile data option to see how much data your apps have consumed recently. Apps you haven’t opened for weeks could still be active, so stop them from working in the background. On the other hand, on Android, you have the option to “force stop,” which can sometimes affect the app negatively.

You can also turn off inactive background apps and programs or deactivate them if they’re no longer helpful. Usually, people have more apps than needed for almost every service, sometimes even two or three of them.

Install an ad-blocker

Ads have really become a problem these days. While we understand that payment for streaming services and other products is necessary, sometimes not even paying for them allows us to enjoy content without ads, which is ridiculous. Netflix, Disney and even Amazon Prime have gotten pricier by the year, and what’s worse is that you don’t pay for the content anymore but for not seeing ads instead.

However, even when you enter a website or are scrolling on TikTok, ads are everywhere and have been present between posts of regular people or reel videos more often recently. This is incredibly upsetting because the dynamic tells us that things might get worse in the future.

These ads are undoubtedly slowing down your internet connection, which is why you might want to try installing an ad-blocker on your smartphone or even laptop. Unfortunately, you must be ready for sites to ask you to deactivate the ad-blocker to be able to show you the content. Even YouTube has introduced a similar thing recently, so use it as it’s still workable on some websites.

Optimizing Your Internet Experience

If you want to always have a great internet connection, despite where you are or what smartphone brand you have, try these tips discussed below. Some of them include installing a digital eSIM, while others involve entering your settings section and seeing what your apps are doing while they’re not operating.

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