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Elista Portable Speakers Launched with Immersive Sound and 5-Hour Battery Life

Elista, a frontrunner in the electronics industry, has raised the bar for on-the-go entertainment with the launch of its latest portable speaker range. The lineup includes the power-packed MusiStrom 1600 and MusiKing 1600 wireless speakers, along with the sleek MusiBar 1000 Soundbar, promising a trifecta of immersive sound, style, and portability.

Elista Portable Speakers Innovation in Sound:

Designed to cater to the needs of audiophiles on a budget, Elista’s new portable speakers boast finely tuned acoustics, ensuring a superior music streaming experience. The MusiStrom 1600, with its remarkable total power output of 16W and a 6.5″ Hi-Fi Speaker, creates an immersive ambience with the added flair of RGB lights.

On the other hand, the MusiKing 1600 packs a punch with 16W power output and a 5″ Hi-Fi Speaker, delivering powerful bass and unmatched clarity. For those prioritizing sophistication, the MusiBar 1000 Soundbar, with its 10W speaker configuration, stands as the epitome of sound quality and design aesthetics.

Elista Portable Speakers Connectivity Options:

Elista’s commitment to providing a comprehensive portable party experience is evident in the multi-connectivity features of these speakers. From USB and TF card support to AUX input, FM Radio, and TWS functionality, users have a plethora of options to seamlessly connect their devices. Bluetooth v5.0 technology ensures a wireless range of up to 10 meters, offering freedom and flexibility during music streaming.

Elista Portable Speakers Power and Portability:

Uninterrupted music playback is a key feature of the Elista portable speaker range. The MusiStrom 1600, MusiKing 1600, and MusiBar 1000 come equipped with rechargeable batteries, delivering up to 5 hours of playback at 70-80% volume. This makes them ideal companions for on-the-go parties, ensuring that the music keeps playing.

Affordability Meets Innovation:

Mr. Pawan Kumar, CEO of Elista, emphasized the brand’s commitment to innovation at competitive prices. The new lineup exemplifies this dedication, offering cutting-edge technology that caters to tech-savvy music enthusiasts seeking both portability and immersive sound without breaking the bank.

Elista Portable Speakers Availability and Pricing:

Elista’s latest portable Bluetooth speakers are available through its extensive network of channel partners and popular e-commerce platforms, including Amazon.in and Flipkart.com. The price of the new Elista portable speaker range starts at an affordable Rs 1,399, making it an attractive choice for consumers seeking quality sound without compromising on their budget.


Elista’s introduction of the MusiStrom 1600, MusiKing 1600, and MusiBar 1000 portable speakers signifies a new era in affordable, feature-packed audio solutions. As the brand continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge technology, consumers can expect an unrivalled portable party experience that seamlessly blends style, utility, and performance. Elevate your on-the-go entertainment with Elista’s dynamic portable speaker range.

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