Escape Token aims to create Global Decentralized Quests’ Aggregator

Escape Token

Escape games booking service ( recently announced its initiative to deploy world’s first decentralized quests’ aggregator which is going to work with online booking and payment system. Using Escape it will develop a secure marketplace based on smart contracts as part of global quests’ industrial revolution. Using Escape utility Token they can unite the community of quests enthusiasts and VR entertainment on the basis of the blockchain.

Escape token platform will also be going to contribute to quest games popularization by reaching out to more fans and by providing high-level services, developing the original content and creating disruptive technology for integration of VR quests into different facilities, where ever it is required.

The project implies with building an affiliate network to ensure quest technologies global transfer as well as reduce costs for scaling new high-tech quests worldwide.

“According to projections, the quest industry will continue to grow and develop rapidly, though some issues such as constantly increasing CAC, quest reps user intoxication, ideas depletion and product stagnation remain the reasons for the global market scaling mere inhibition,” says Sergey Kartintsev, Escape CEO. “Escape token will develop the world’s first aggregator of escape games with an internal motivation system based on the blockchain, which will bring together existing and new locations.”

Kartintsev also notes that Escape Labs in Vienna, St. Petersburg and Moscow will simultaneously launch quests reservation service with a rating and ranking system and Escape marketplace is also going to start offering new scenarios of quests and riddles to reinvent the industry within blockchain framework and smart contracts. Escape VR quests has already launched in St. Petersburg based on Escape’s Malta laboratory recent quest experience developments.

Escape Tokens can be used by:

• Players – to pay for games, certificates and discount cards to reduce the price of the games;
• Partners/quest rooms – to motivate players within loyalty program and lower aggregator commission;
• Platform – to motivate players within loyalty program.

There will be two ways for tokens usage in Escape ecosystem: as a compensation for aggregator services for platform participants and as a “loyalty card” providing its holder with different discounts and bonuses.

Escape Token pre-sale will begin on January 23 and last until February 9.

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