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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most efficient and reliable strategies utilized to maximize website traffic and improve the profitability of a business. Setting up a successful SEO campaign is often a complicated undertaking, especially for small to medium-scale businesses that require much time and attention to management and operations alone. Some companies might have a basic knowledge of the concepts and techniques involved but not to the extent of professional search engine optimization companies such as Dominate With SEO.

With the regular updates in algorithms employed by top search engine companies including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it is imperative for SEO campaigns to be able to adapt and stand the test of time. Listed below are the four key factors involved in an effective SEO campaign. Learn how these elements work to maintain a high search ranking for your business and maximize its online exposure.


High-quality page content is considered as the core of an effective SEO campaign. The content does not only pertain to the main article containing the topic of interest but to the entire web page including the header descriptions, banner text, and the footnotes. By providing page content with accurate, up-to-date and relevant information, you can generate more traffic to your website and gain more subscriptions in the future. Having high-quality content is also an important consideration that webmasters use to link their pages to websites.


Well-written page contents should contain targeted keywords to achieve a better search ranking. The most successful SEO campaigns are founded on intensive keyword research. To bring long-term success to an SEO campaign, one must be able to collect all relevant keywords to the products or services of interest. The most general keywords are usually highly competitive whereas long-tail keywords are unique and typically generate the best results. Lateral keywords or terms with similar meaning are also taken into account when researching for targeted keywords.


A popular and effective way to bring more traffic to your site is by building links. The technique is to incorporate links from reputable websites of relevant content into your web pages. It could be an informative blog, an entertaining video, an eye-catching image, or anything of related content. To maximize link building, it is highly recommended to include websites that rank on top of the search engine results. Link building requires patience and great attention to detail in able to improve the search ranking of your business. You may also consider posting your own content in off-site blogs as a guest or try article marketing instead.

Social Media

To be able to set up a complete and effective SEO campaign, one must consider going beyond the realm of their own websites and explore traffic different from social media platforms. People nowadays are more active in social networking and media sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It is also easier to connect with your followers and to share links and content from your business on different social media platforms.

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