Fashion Apparel And Jewelry – Two Very Profitable Businesses For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace


Fashion apparel and jewelry have always been profitable businesses due to the constant demand for. Have you always wanted to be a part of such businesses but never really get a chance to? If you do not have the bandwidth to start a fashion apparel and jewelry business from scratch, then you can take a look at the following two businesses. These are profitable businesses that are on sale on Shopify’s ExchangeMarketplace. The foundation has already been laid out for you which means you don’t have to start from the absolute beginning.

1403 Pom

This fashion apparel store for women has been one of the most profitable businesses as it has a 5% conversion rate. When it comes to traffic, this business is a winner in that too as it comes in the top 9% on Shopify. The business is based on shipping products to customers directly. The business has grown successfully and continues to do so because of word-of-mouth along with successful Instagram tagging.  The business has ensured that customer retention is something that they focus on and by working directly with followers has helped the business grow further.

Fashion Apparel And Jewelry - Two Very Profitable Businesses For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace 1

The homepage of 1403 Pom.

The total amount of revenue that has been generated from this profitable business is more than $22,000 so far. The average revenue is over $1,000 and the profit is around $1,000 too. As you can see, the business has done fantastic although it has only been over a year since it started. This shows that you can expand it further. The average time required to run the business is 25 hours per week. The expenses of this particular business include  Shopify plan: $39, domain: $1.17, Lightroom: $1, inventory warehouse: $1, Mail Chimp: $1, and Instagram: $1 on a monthly basis.

Fashion Apparel And Jewelry - Two Very Profitable Businesses For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace 2

Statistics of 1403 Pom.

1403 Pom is priced at $16,000 and it includes everything that you need to run this store successfully. You get the photographs of the products, domain, social media subscribers, suppliers, logo and brand-related assets along with the mailing list when you buy this business. In addition, you get the physical inventory and 1-month support after you purchase the business which is quite helpful. The seller has mentioned that you can focus on marketing to further grow the business and to add new products in order to increase profit from the business.

Happy Cactus Brand

Happy Cactus Brand is one of the most profitable businesses that employ dropshipping. It focuses on handmade jewelry pieces for women that are unique and durable. The jewelry pieces are made up of various types of materials. These include stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, and rose gold. The business growth has been attributed to the positive vibe of the store where women are supporting other women. The business has a lot of potentials and through marketing, the business started to do extremely better as the sales started to increase.

Fashion Apparel And Jewelry - Two Very Profitable Businesses For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace 3

The homepage of Happy Cactus Brand business.

Happy Cactus Brand’s expenses include a Shopify plan which is $30 per month and the domain which costs $1.17 per month. At a point, Facebook ads of $1.91 per month were used which helped the business to grow. The average revenue of this store is over $1,200 per month and the profit amounts to about $1,500 per month on an average. The total revenue of the business amounted to over $21,000 so far despite minimal spending on market strategies. If you spend time and invest money in marketing, then the sales will increase dramatically giving the business a boost.

Fashion Apparel And Jewelry - Two Very Profitable Businesses For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace 4

Statistics showing how profitable Happy Cactus Brand is.

Are you thinking of buying the Happy Cactus Brand? The business is on sale at ExchangeMarketplace for $35,000. You get a domain, social media followers, logo assets, product photos, branding assets, physical inventory, and suppliers’ data. You will receive support after the sale too from the seller. Once you understand the basics and how to run the business in order for it to flourish, you can spend 15 hours on an average to run the store. You can concentrate on the marketing areas,

These are just two of the many profitable businesses that are available on ExchangeMarketplace for you to buy. They show you how lucrative fashion apparel and jewelry businesses can be after you put in some work from your end. You can buy these businesses from ExchangeMarketplace easily and safely. Thanks to the transparency that ExchangeMarketplace provides you with, you can rest assured that you can safely buy businesses that are profitable and that you can scale as you wish to.

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