How to Find Lost Android Smartphone IMEI Number

Find locate Android Smartphone

For every phone there is a IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number which is a unique code for every phone. It is a kind of unique product ID. It is a 15 digit number. Based on this number, you can check all information about the device, eg brand or model etc.  To check the IMEI number when you are having with the device is just dialing *#06# in the dialer pad. IMEI number is also used when you take your phone to the repair all the mobile details and the warranty status is identified by the IMEI number.

Finally this article is useful to those who have lost there Android smartphones and don’t know there IMEI number so that they can block (Blacklist) the device by registering the compliant so that further the device cannot be used. Many of you have tried different ways to find the IMEI number but this article tells you some unique way, For this Follow the Bellow Steps:

Steps:  Find Lost Android Smartphone IMEI Number

Key point is to Find Lost Android Smartphone IMEI Number using the Gmail Account.

  • Gmail Link
  • Open the link and login with your Gmail account you were using in the stolen/Lost device.
  • When your account will be signed in,  scroll down and click on the dashboard under the Account Tools box.
  • After clicking on the dashboard button there appears lot of options such as account,chrome,calendar,gmail,android ect.Then here click on the android section to expand the details.

Gmail Account Dashboard

  • There you will get all the information about the devices list which are linked with your Gmail address.
  • After that you will able to knowr the android smartphone which is lost from the list and there you can get all the information about the Android name ,model name and IMEI number of your device.


So by following the above steps the user can easily find the IMEI number for it Lost Android Smartphone.

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