FiOS Issues: The Chuckholes in the Fiber Internet by Verizon

Fiber Internet

If you are looking for a high-speed Internet, fiber optic Internet is the best option to go with, and that is a great part of the big demand of Verizon FiOS. It not only provides Internet but also home phone cable TV services as well. Verizon has now become the most prominent choice among all the fiber Internet options available. However, it is understood that providing all the services such as a reliable internet, phone or TV at the same time can be quite complicated. There may be many links in the chain where a lot of things can often go wrong.

Although FiOS service has come a long way since its inception, there are still certain obstacles in the path of reliable TV and sheer speed internet service. So, whether you already are a Verizon FiOS customer, or you are just considering to be one, we are here to present you an overview of some of the common FiOS issues that you may encounter.

Billing and Customer Service

Going through the user reviews and reports, most of the customers’ complaints seem to revolve around billing. They often encounter certain extra charges that appear suddenly on their bills. Moreover, users also complain about promotional discounts not being applied actually.

Also, there are reports of time delays in getting appropriate solutions from customer service representatives to fix the billing and other issues. In such a situation, we recommend you contact only the trusted and the best grade Verizon customer service. Also, it is worth keeping in mind that the review sites are loaded heavily with the negative reviews since the users who are satisfied with their billing and other services are not likely to go online and let everybody know.

Access and Installation

Another complaint seen frequently from the Verizon FiOS customers is that they do not exactly know how and if they can actually get access to the FiOS service at all.

For this, you can go through an availability map provided by Verizon on its official website.

Internet and Wi-Fi Issues

While the issues listed above don’t so much seem handleable by the subscribers themselves, there are some other issues which they can fix on their own. Fortunately, its (Verizon) Internet speed is one of them. Most of the users come across either the inability to connect to the internet or the slow internet speed. So, as it is tried, tested and understood by many of us, such issues can simply be resolved by unplugging the Verizon router for few minutes and then plugging it back in.

Users may also run into Wi-Fi related problems. This can range from being able to connect to only some of the devices and not others to not being able to connect to the Internet at all. Just like the internet problems, many of such Wi-Fi related issues can also be fixed by hard-resetting the Verizon router as explained above.

In case you face lingering Wi-Fi issues or consistently low Internet speed, you need to contact Verizon Customer support. You should take the note of your specific issues and describe it to the service representatives. Doing this, you should be able to get rid of the trouble in the least possible time.

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