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5 Apps that Helps you to Save your Data

These days there is an increase in data usage because of almost all apps on your phone need Internet connection due to which many users end up through plenty of data usage every day which converts into a lot of data usage every month. For those who are having unlimited data plans, this isn’t an issue for them. Applications that you use daily have some smart features, which can help you saving data by just simply turning it on.


Facebook is one of the top app which is being used mostly by each and every person, and it also uses maximum data of the user. This is great problem due to which facebook has made a new toggle switch that has been seen inside of the Android app. head to the right sidebar menu within the app and if you see a “use less data” option showing at the top, which is where it should be located if available, then you can tap on that to enter the setting and enable the toggle switch. In the same way you can return if you wanted to turn the toggle off as well.

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By using this feature it simply reduces photo size which makes the app process less data when rendering pictures in news feed. It’s a neat little trick that isn’t too complex to use, but it will be very difficult to say how much data it will actually save in long run.


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Secondly most used app in the world is Whatsapp. It uses up a lot of data with the amount of images and videos downloaded through it. You can also turn off the auto downloading of media which will easily the data. Under settings, there is a data usage menu which lets you customize the downloading when you are using up mobile data, WiFi or when you’re ‘roaming’ out of your home network. You can also tick the option of ‘Low Data Usage’ under call settings of the same menu to save data during WhatsApp calls.


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Growth and popularity of digital video mobile streaming is still a big problem on the monthly data plans of the users. Especially in an Indian market. NexGTv – India’s biggest subscription-driven video entertainment app has introduced a unique feature that makes the users manage their data during a streaming session, minimizing its usage makes them realizing huge savings for end-users across both mobile and Wi-Fi networks.


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This is a personal assistant app which will not only save you data but will also help you in saving time. It also helps you get many other things done. This could be anything – from recharging your phone to tech support, travel booking, holiday guidance, ordering groceries and food at your doorstep, providing shopping assistance, helping you find the best deals & coupons, web check-in, and laundry. Download & recharge your mobile, book cabs, stay updated with the current pollution index, traffic in the local area, get the best deals online & daily weather forecast always.


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The best app and most used app is YouTube in India these days and you can now even download videos overnight within the mobile app by taking advantage of cheaper or discounted data packs available during late night. The ‘Smart Offline’ feature, has launched last week and is available for Airtel and Telenor users initially, while YouTube India says that it will extend the feature with more operators soon.

This feature works on cellular data and not on Wi-Fi networks. While viewing a video on the YouTube app, users can tap on a grey arrow button to save the video offline; a prompt window will appear, asking the user to select “Save overnight” using discounted night data plan. When confirmed, the YouTube app will schedule the video to be downloaded after peak hours when data rates are cheaper or discounted.


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