Five Killer Reasons We Love Samsung

Five Killer Reasons We Love Samsung

Samsung has stepped their game up in the last couple of years. With a slew of attributes that are new plus some groundbreaking technology, they are winning the masses over one device at a time.

I’m certain I’m not the only person that’s been low key crushing on Samsung. Since the S6 Galaxy S6 Samsung are back to form, it is destroying, and we understand we can anticipate some amazing apparatus in the future later on with Apple and Samsung shoving each other forward. Here are five reasons why I believe Samsung’s are quite exciting.

The Camera:


Their cameras are on point. You’ll if you love shooting pictures, adore mainly the latest Samsung Galaxy S7, the Samsung range. The pixels in this camera are bigger, making it better and the double image auto focus helps to get sharp pictures even when the subject is moving – perfect for adventure photography and sports. To help you shoot amazing photos of you and all of your squad #squadgoals from the S6 and beyond, Samsung smartphones additionally include an additional broad selfie camera.

Always on Screen/Display:



Samsung has developed an always on screen, introduced as a brand new attribute with their latest mobile. An always-on display means your telephone will remain dimly lit and show you important information like unread messages or the full time without you having to “wake up” your telephone every single time. This fantasy screen technology uses less than the usual percentage of battery per hour, and this can save you time if you’re a regular checker, with stats saying the average user checks their phone as much as 150 times a day.

The S Pen:

The Samsung Note has the S Pen. You might believe the S Pen allows you to seem a bit dorky but trust me, and it’s incredibly easy.

The S Pen allows you to use scroll capture which means it is possible to display catch the entire page, not only what you can see in your display. With scroll capture, it is possible to record up to 22 pages and after that look at them anytime when you are not on-line.

You can even jot down notes with the S Pen it’ll be saved for later, simple and the same as you would on a notepad – simply scribble down your note on the dark screen!;

Lastly, it’s the dream of an organizer. With Scrapbook and the S Pen combined, it is possible to circle anything interesting you locate online like an image, video or web page and it’ll be sent directly to your digital scrapbook.

The sexy curves:


Samsung has some great curves. Samsung is making some extremely good looking smartphones although it might seem superficial and they feel pretty fantastic to hold at the same time. The curved shape of makes the phone feel safe and comfortable in your hand. Plus, it makes the experience of viewing videos in your cellphone better because it creates the illusion of a broader screen – YouTube vortex anyone?


With Android at its heart, you aren’t confined to using only Samsung devices with your Samsung mobile. For example, just because you might have a Samsung Galaxy doesn’t mean you have to purchase a Samsung watch that is smart. Say you love the appearance of the feel of the Google Pixel C tablet PC – and the new Moto360 watch not an issue, they’ll all work together, and when you purchase a program on one, it will be apparatus that are accessible across all your Android. This also means if you decide to leave team Samsung and purchase another Android cellphone, all your app purchases will come with you.

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  1. For me it’s Samsung or nothing. Samsung is ANDROID always will be but yes I’ve purchased and have enjoyed other handsets. The Samsung ecosystem is definitely grown.

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