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It would be evident to mention that Google Slides is one of the widely used and robust online presentation application in the market. Since its inception, Google Slides have garnered a lot of users and today, people are using the application for their regular presentation endeavors. With an array of tools for users of every type, the platform offers an exuberant & simplified user-interface for everyone. Literally, anyone can make use of Google Slides regardless of the background they’re from, from students to corporate professionals, the application is open and useful for all. Also, the platform is a great tool when it comes to teaching.

Professors and educators around the world can make use of Google Slides to make education accessible to all. Since the platform is cloud-based, therefore ‘N’ number of potential people can access the content, suggest edits and can achieve a mutual understanding. Same goes for corporate giants looking forward to prototyping of applications via Google Slides. Developers can easily access the content on Google Slides and can suggest edits and make alterations themselves. Also, making use of this application is entirely free. Thus, we can say Google Slides is an incredible tool.

Presentation Making Is An Art

What comes as a noting fact is that not everybody is a connoisseur when it comes to making intuitive and engaging presentations. Presentation making is an art and it certainly requires you to spend your precious time. However, what if we say that you can make use of predesigned Google Slides templates and can save your time as well as resources? is garnering the limelight by offering state of the art professional range of pre-tailored templates for each kind of user.

You should note that unlike other template providers who require you to sign-up and pay before you can access anything, Free Google Slides Templates is absolutely free to use. Expert professional presentation designers have already done the hard work for you, there are hundreds of quality templates available for a grab on the portal. You can easily make use of these pre-designed templates on Google Slides and can boost your presentation making requirement.

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What Really Is FGST (a.k.a Free Google Slides Templates)?

With a zeal to help presentation makers around the world, was started by a group of expert designers to make presentations better and actually save time. It’s obvious that not everybody is great with colors, formatting, and graphics. When you make use of predesigned templates, not only you maintain consistency throughout your presentation, but your presentation can actually engage with the audience then. The portal is currently offering hundreds of customizable presentation templates which can be altered as per specific needs without any extra effort. Without spending a single buck, without hiring any designer, you can now make your dream presentation and pitch ideas to executives in an unparalleled manner. This is great for instance if you are preparing a pitch deck PowerPoint template.

What Makes Free Google Slides Templates Unique?

Since templates available on this portal comes free of cost, let’s move ahead and know more about the features of the same:

  • Each and every pre-tailored template comes with a description of its own. Benefit? Well, you can analyze whether the presentation template will suit your presentation’s crux idea or not.
  • You’re not required to download a presentation when it comes to trying. You can always preview every template and watch every slide contained by it before jumping on the conclusion.
  • Free Google Slides Templates can be used with Apple’s Keynote as well as Microsoft PowerPoint. The scope of excellence is not just limited to Google Slides. You can always download the pre-designed template as a .pptx file. Here is explained how to Export Google Slides to PowerPoint
  • You’re not even required to make an account in order to unlock your access to impressive presentation templates. Therefore, is your out of the box pick.

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Example of a business process flow in a Google Slides presentation template.

Types of Presentation Templates Available

Looking forward to a template which can help you pitch an idea in a Google Slides presentation? Or you want to convey your business plan? Free Google Slides Templates have readymade templates suitable for every occasion, you name it. The platform has three major categories of presentation templates: simple, formal and creative one. For business and industry related presentation requirement, one can explore the plethora of presentation templates available under this domain.

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You can get your hands on some of the famous templates such as UX template, Flat Corporate template, Blue Technology template and many more. Students and graphics enthusiasts can make use of the other two categories to find what they’re looking for. The platform maintains a pool of innovative and high-quality presentation templates, can be a great resource for you.

Further, downloading and importing the template on Google Slides is pretty easy. You can simply load the template by opening a blank presentation and importing the slides. Also, you’re not required to worry about 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, the ready to use templates can be adjusted with added ease. In a nutshell, Free Google Slides Templates does half the work when it comes to preparing for your next presentation.

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