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Fujifilm India Debuts in Projector market with Z5000

World’s First Folded Two-Axial Rotatable Lens


Fujifilm India Private Limited is a pioneer in imaging technology and today it has announced its first appearance in the projector industry with the launch of its own personalized projector named Projector Z5000.

Mr. Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm, said that with the launch of Fujifilm Pro the company is committed to bringing the best of global technology to the country. He further added that Projector Z5000 is omnidirectional image projection and ultra-short throw lens makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a projector solution. The company is excited to expand their business with their entrance in the projector market.

Features of Projector Z5000:

  1. The projector features a folded two-axial rotatable lens. The lens is developed with cutting-edge optical technology nurtured through the development of the FUJINON lens.
  2. The projector can project images on a 100-inch screen from the close-up distance of just 75cm
  3. The FP-Z5000 takes advantage of a large image circle of its large-diameter lens to offer the Lens Shift function of up to 82% vertically and 35% horizontally, making it possible to adjust the position of projected images across a wide range without having to move the projector’s main unit or change the lens’s direction.
  4. The FP-Z5000 uses large-diameter spherical and spherical lens elements, based on Fujifilm’s advanced know-how in optical design, to minimize image distortion typically seen at edges in short-throw lenses as well as aberration that often arises while shifting the lens. It achieves stunning image projection
  5. The FP-Z5000 supports both vertical*4and horizontal positioning, allowing you to choose how it should be installed according to users’ environment.

Currently, the price is not revealed. Stay tuned for more information!

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