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Top 3 Best Sexting App For Your Steamy Text Sessions


“Hey, who are you chatting with?” She asked her BFF.

“Em… boyfriend.” She replied.

“Are you sexting?”

“WHAT?” she was as shocked as you’re right now.

Okay, so I’ll let you sink in for a while and take you to this not-so-technical but fun ride with this article. Sexting is a thing, it’s not a technical term It’s just a made-up word, which stands for having an intimate conversation in texts. And if you’re in-a-relationship with somebody you have probably tried it at some point, right? There is no embarrassment in that, psychologist and researchers believe Sexting is actually healthy for a good relationship and you know what, I’m a science guy and I believe them. What makes sexting more interesting are pictures, Gifs and audio messages maybe…

Is it safe?

Uhm… okay, let’s talk about privacy now. As you might be aware of that some text messaging apps gives you freedom of expression and promises you full privacy with features such as encryptions, it also comes with some restrictions. I mean, how certain are you that the messaging app is not tracking or recording your text and storing your pictures. It’s a doubtable question, isn’t it?

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Facebook messenger, Instagram aren’t secure. WhatsApp is secure but what if someone has your smartphone and simply reads the messages as you do. Well, don’t be petrified and all, your conversation with your partner are protected but it’s just that you gotta take a little precaution when you’re doing that intensely intimate texting. And I’m here to help you out with such app, so without further due here are some apps that can help you steam up your sexting game much securely.

Here are the 3 Best Sexting Apps


An app which is specially designed for your privacy, I mean the app is so good that it even blocks taking screenshots. You can send that steamy message to your partner and once they are read, they are deleted. How cool is that? Although its services are free the app does offer some premium feature like sending unlimited attachments for a monthly subscription.


Dust - a safer place to text
Dust - a safer place to text
  • Dust - a safer place to text Screenshot
  • Dust - a safer place to text Screenshot
  • Dust - a safer place to text Screenshot
  • Dust - a safer place to text Screenshot
  • Dust - a safer place to text Screenshot
  • Dust - a safer place to text Screenshot

I guess, this app is probably for those couples who are not new to sexting. Please don’t mind, it’s completely safe, it actually automatically deletes all your conversation after 24 hours, no messages are recorded and the sessions are encrypted so that no-one gets to see what you’re texting. The app also protects your identity in private chat by not showing your name and it also notifies you when a screenshot is taken.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me – Private Messenger
Wickr Me – Private Messenger
  • Wickr Me – Private Messenger Screenshot
  • Wickr Me – Private Messenger Screenshot
  • Wickr Me – Private Messenger Screenshot
  • Wickr Me – Private Messenger Screenshot

This app is probably the game changer because it stores minimum information of the user and also allows screenshot blocking on Android smartphones. It also has encryption security to make sure you have a secure messaging and even phone calls. You can also send self-destruct messages, what more one would want?

What do I recommend?

Let’s not get into that tips and tricks lane, where I suggested this is how you should indulge in sexting. I’m not proficient in that area but what I do know is apps. Apps that can help you be secure and maybe a bit carefree, so for your privacy need I would recommend using the Confide app, its security features are exemplary. Obviously, for your steamy pillow talks.

Disclaimer: A person should realize that apps can only provide digital security on software level only, so make sure you have full trust in your partner before sending anything explicit.

That’s all guys, stay tuned. For more awesome content like this you can check out our co-partnered website Varnic.com, please show some love.

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