Gamers could learn the guitar in 12 weeks if they swapped games for plectrums

Gamers could learn the guitar in 12 weeks if they swapped games for plectrums 1

An online local services website has found that gamers spend an average of two hours each day playing games. We all need to switch off and distress from daily life and gamers are no different, but if they swapped games what could they learn instead?

The survey carried out by Bidvine polled 2,000 people asking whether or not they play video games and also for how long for? We can see how it breaks down statistically:

  • 55% of people recognised themselves as gamers and spent on average two hours a day playing games.
  • 34% stated that they spent more than 5 hours a day playing video games.
  • 65% of the respondents were male, with only 34% of the participant’s female.

The survey identified game consoles were the most popular platform, with 45% of the vote, while 31% said they played on PC and 19% preferring mobile gaming on a phone or tablet. All of the people polled admitted to gaming at some point in their lives.

There are many consoles out there, countless to speak, however the most popular manufacturers to date are Xbox (Microsoft) PlayStation (Sony) Wii (Nintendo) all of which have brought together millions of gamers from all over the world.

Video games can be a great way to unwind especially if that’s your secret into relaxing. However taking a look at the time being spent playing them, you could direct those hours into learning a new set of skills or produce something practical.

To find out what can be attained within a known time frame enlisted the help of its skilled service providers including foreign language teachers, guitar tutors, builders and personal trainers to find out how long it would take to learn a new skill.

Putting aside just 2 hour a day, you could:

  • Learn a foreign language in 6 months
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument such as the guitar in 12 weeks
  • Train and compete in a marathon within 10 weeks
  • Update your bathroom in just 7 weeks
  • Salsa dance in a month

Talking about the findings, Russ Morgan co-founder of Bidvine said:

“We really don’t want to shame people for gaming, because it’s a great way for people to unwind and have fun. We thought it would be interesting though, to find out in relative terms what could be achieved within the same timeframe.

“We hope that these results will encourage people to try something new, learn a new hobby and finally get round to ticking some things off of their bucket or to-do list. I think most don’t realise how little time you actually need to allocate to learning a new skill, just think, in six months’ time you could be sat in a restaurant speaking fluent French to your waiter!”

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