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Get Call History of a Mobile Number – Best Mobile Spying Apps 2020?


Right now, call monitoring seems to be a significant task, especially for parents to keep a close watch on their children and even for solving police cases. By monitoring the call records, you will know which people the phone owner has contacted with and the time as well. Even for the business owners, keeping track of the call records of their employees is a must, especially from office numbers. They don’t want their employees to leak out any sensitive information about a business to other competitors. On the other hand, if someone is harassing your kid over the phone, you would want to know about them. So, the call monitoring app is what you need to consider first.

Using the services of FoneMonitor:

Thanks to innovative technology, the market houses multiple tools to help you get a call history of anyone. You can try using FoneMonitor as one option to check the call records of iOS and Android phones. This is one monitoring and spying tools to help users monitor some of the cell phone activities of anyone, using Mobile Spying Apps for Android or iOS smartphones.

  • Thanks to this modern app, now you will be able not just to track the call history of anyone but also their social media messages, text messages, and even GPS location. You can further track down the data of other iPhone and Android devices.
  • This application will help track phone calls, whether outgoing, incoming, and even some missed calls. It will also track down the call history remotely. Not only the phone, but you can further read the received and sent text messages on the said target device.
  • Moreover, the app makes sure to send complete information about the person who called your target number or the caller, like the time and date of the call, the contact person’s name and number, and even the call duration. You can also preview the videos and photos of that said device through this app.

TTSPY for your rescue:

If the app mentioned above is not your cup of tea, there are so many other options available in the market as well. One such option got to be the TTSPY app, your one-stop solution to keep a complete track on any set targeted phone. Recent studies show that around 31% of kids are a victim of sexting and 34% of cyberbullying. About 41% of teenagers have contacted undesirable strangers, leaving them open for some dangerous results. So, parents might want to use this app to keep track of the numbers their kids are contacting and check out their messages, photos, and videos shared, and more.

  • Through this app, parents will get a complete hold of all the incoming and outgoing calls, and even missed calls.
  • Not only that, but this number is perfect for checking some send and inbox messages as well. Just install the app in your targeted device and connect it to your phone.
  • Do you think your kids are sharing images and obscene videos with any stranger? If so, you might want to stop that immediately, and this app will help you with it. You will receive information about the images and videos shared from that device and take suitable measures to stop this.

Another free app for you:

If you are looking forward to using any preferred tracking app for some time now, you can opt for the free versions sometimes. The Mobile Tracker Free app might be one option to get your hands on. This amazing application will help in monitoring the phone activities of any targeted person, and it does not matter who they are. It helps in extracting all kinds of information about that person to deliver them safely for your future use. There are loads of features for you to try out. You can even plan to help some person by saving him or her from any call harming if any.

Perfect for inspections:

Police and other legal authorities are entirely relying on these apps these days to keep track of any suspect. It is one discreet way to get to the bottom of the case without letting the culprit know about it. So, these apps help them to crack multiple cases with ease. Always be sure to check out more about all the possible apps before giving anyone a try.

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