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Hello, friends! In order to celebrate the coming Christmas and New Year, iCare Recovery has launched a completely free giveaway of its famous iCare Data Recovery Pro for everyone to recover deleted, invisible, erased, inaccessible, missing and lost files from commonly-used hard disks, USB portable hard drives, flash drives, Micro SD and SD memory cards from Dec, 21, 2016 to Jan, 3, 2017.

Why to Use iCare Data Recovery Pro for Data Recovery after Delete or Format?

iCare Data Recovery Pro, as an comprehensive file recovery program, has been upgraded into 7.9 version and designed with more powerful features and less bugs:

Here the key feature that you must check:

1). Deleted File Recovery mode to help process different deleted data loss troubles, like emptied Recycle Bin data recovery, shift deleted data recovery, deleted file recovery after virus attack.

2). Lost Partition Recovery mode to help recover data from computer partitions with different data loss troubles, including unrecognized partition file recovery, deleted partition data recovery, raw format partition data recovery, etc.

3). Deep Scan Recovery mode to help cope with nearly all data loss troubles caused by delete, shift delete, format, reformat, virus infection, RAW file system error, not formatted error, drive corruption, PC OS crashing, computer crashing and more.

4). Help recover data from all widely-used storage devices, like internal/external HD, SSD, USB drive, thumb drive, Micro SD card, SDHC or SDXC card, CF card, TF card, Mini SD card and more SD memory cards.

5). Help recover data from storage devices without overwriting the original device information so that it will cause no worse or permanent data loss troubles generally.

6). Works well under all Windows operating system environments.

Overall, no matter whether you do have applied this iCare Data Recovery Pro software before, merely go download it for free and it will help you a lot when you do have really encountered the similar device file loss troubles unexpectedly in the future.

Get Free 2016 Christmas and New Year Giveaway of iCare Data Recovery Pro

Step1. Open the Christmas and New Year giveaway page.

Step2. Like iCare Recovery on Facebook and download the giveaway version.

Step3. Launch the giveaway version on your PC and enter the giveaway code to activate it.

Step4. Recover deleted or lost data on your computer.

Notes and Tips:

*The giveaway code works only on the giveaway version, so, remove all other versions on your PC before you install the newly downloaded giveaway version.

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