Get the Best Channel Lineup with Charter Spectrum Bundle Deals

Channel Lineup with Charter Spectrum Bundle Deals

Every one of us watches TV in some way. We have many alternatives for this purpose. Cable TV, satellite TV, and now online TV entertain us. But if we compare these options concerning features, price, and additional charges, then cable TV would be the favorite one. In the US, there are many cable providers which offer TV, phone, and the internet through the single cable. Hence, you can utilize all the services via a single company rather than signing contracts with various companies for this purpose. Among these providers, Charter Spectrum is one of the top providers in the market. It offers bundle deals at a fantastic price. These deals provide the best channel lineup than the standard plan. We will discuss its packages’ details in this article.

Charter Spectrum Packages:

Charter Spectrum Bundle Deals include all three services.

  1. Triple Play Select:

In this bundle deal, the customer will get

  • 125+ Free HD channels like ESPN, CNN, ABC, NBC, Nat Geo
  • Unlimited data for internet
  • Internet speed of 100 Mbps
  • Unlimited free local calling
  1. Triple Play Silver:

This deal will provide

  • 175+ free HD channels
  • Many premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.
  • Internet & Voice features are same as in Select.
  1. Triple Play Gold:

This package brings,

  • 200+ free HD channels
  • Premium channels like HBO (all zones), Starz Encore, Starz, and The Movie Channel.
  • Internet & Voice service is same as in Silver plan.

Features of the Deals:

We will explore the features included in these deal, so users know all the details before buying the plan.

Channel Lineup for Complete Entertainment:

The best thing that we get from this deal alert is the channel lineup that covers all aspects of entertainment.

Here are names of some channels (not all) from its lineup.


  • HBO, HBO+, HBO on-Demand, Starz Encore, the Movie Channel, Cinemax, etc.


  • ESPN, ESPN Classic, Bein Sports, FOX soccer, NBA TV.


  • BBC America, BBC World, CNN, ABC, NBC, CNBC, FOX news, The Weather Channel.


  • Disney Channel, CN, Nick Jr., Discovery Family, Sprout, PBS Kids.


  • Discovery, Discovery Life, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, History, Military History, Food Network, Science, and Travel Channel.

Channel lineup is not the same in every region. For exact channel lineup according to your area, Call Charter support center.

Unlimited Data for Streaming:

If we explore other providers’ promotional offers, one thing is common that is limited internet data. The incredible thing about Charter Spectrum Bundle Deals is unlimited data. With enough bandwidth, users can stream every single video they want to.

High-Speed Internet:

Live streaming and high graphics online gaming requires high-speed internet. Charter is successful in this aspect as it provides high-speed internet starting from 100 Mbps that goes up to 940 Mbps. High-speed also saves a lot of time that we consume in waiting during buffering of the videos.

Free Wi-Fi at Home:

Free Wi-Fi is the word that brings happiness to us. So the Charter is doing it by providing free Wi-Fi with this package. Installation is also free in the deal. This feature enables everybody in the home to use the smartphones and tablets anywhere in the home.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Outside Home:

Free Wi-Fi is not enough at home as users also need it outside the home. Considering this issue, Charter also provides free Wi-Fi hotspot at public places. These places are usually dining centers, shopping areas, public parks, and community centers.

Movies On-Demand:

With this feature, customers can request any movie or show to watch. Charter will provide the requested content in the earliest manner. This is the alternate way of entertainment if you are not interested in watching the standard transmission of the channels.

Spectrum TV App:

Spectrum TV is also available online, Android, and IOS. This app is merely a portable TV. Spectrum TV APP offers live streaming of up to 38 channels. Even, users can manage their Spectrum account and all devices through this app.

Talk as Long as You Want:

This fantastic deal is not limited to TV and the internet. It also brings a unique feature for phone service. With any of the package, Charter allows free and unlimited local calling in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Northern Mariana Islands, and U.S Virgin Islands. Hence, it is up to you to talk as long as you want. It also offers International calling on a discounted rate for 70 countries.

Free Contract Buyout:

If the customer is stuck with a provider in a contract, then Charter will help by buying out the contract from the contractor. This service is designed specially to relieve the customer. Customers get the contract buyout according to their agreement.

  • Want to know more about Charter Spectrum Bundle Deals? Visit Official website of Charter’s authorized retailer com for further details.
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  1. My advice to all laymen users is to do a little research before buying any plan. If the package satisfies your interest and requirements, then go ahead for it. Otherwise don’t be convinced with the fluffy chat of sales guy. Also, compare the plans of all companies and then choose the best.

  2. It’s been a month since looking for a suitable package, and it was getting more complicated. However, your post simplified it. I get the whole idea. Thank you!

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