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Get Whatsapp Voice calling Feature without an Invite

Hey guys againj back with a bang post of Getting voice call feature on your whatsapp without any invite. I just found this trick on Xda Developers and some other websites which i have mentioned in the sourced Area.

I used it it worked and i just shared it so that my viewers will also be able to use the voice calling feature of whatsapp and make bvenefit out of it.


If you want to call someone after activating this feature using method 2 and 3, the other person must have enabled this feature in order for that person to receive your call. Also, you need a rooted device

Method 1:

  • Uninstall the older version of your Whatsapp app.
  • Download The latest version of Whatsapp app. The link for the latest version is HERE.
  • Now install the latest version of Whatsapp app.
  • Ask your friend who is having the Whatsapp calling feature for invitation by asking him to call you. Once it’s done, you’ll have the voice calling feature on your Android phone.

Update: This feature is reportedly not working on many devices. Follow the step below to get the WhatsApp calling feature without an invite.

Method 2:

  • You need a rooted device to try this method.
  • Using the link mentioned above, install the latest version of Whatsapp app.
  • Now open Root Explorer or Es file Explorer your Android device.
  • Go to Data > Data > com.whatsapp > Shared_prefs > com.whatsapp__preferences.xml
  • Now edit the above file and add the two lines written below after <map>-
<boolean name="call" value="true" />
<string name="call_allowed">all</string>
  • Now after saving this file, go to Setting > Apps and Force Stop Whatsapp.

Method 3:

  • Again you need a rooted device, the Terminal Emulator and the latest version of WhatsApp. Download it using the link given earlier.
  • Open the Terminal Emulator on your phone and type the following.
am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity
  • Now your WhatsApp will open with the calling feature enabled.
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