How To Get Thumbnails from Youtube Videos

There are many ways to get youtube videos thumbnail .One is from the youtube Own api.YouTube API gives multiple thumbnail images of a video each thumbnail with different sizes.You have to use the Youtube api manually or you can use the simplest method to grab the thumbnail using Get Youtube Thumbnail Free Online Tool.It is a Free tool by which help you to get any youtube thumbnail.

It outputs different sizes of your youtube Video Thumbnail :-

  • 1st Thumbnail Image, Small (120×90)
  • 3rd Thumbnail Image, Small (120×90)
  • Default Thumbnail Image, Small (120×90)
  • Default Thumbnail Image, Medium (320×180)
  • Default Thumbnail Image, Large (480×360)
  • Default Thumbnail Image, Very Large (640×480)
  • Default Thumbnail Image, Full Size (1280×720)

How to use Get Youtube Thumbnail Tool ?

  1. Open Youtube Thumbnail Tool Get Youtube Thumbnail Tool
  2. Copy your Youtube Video URL
  3. Paste it in the tool Input box and SubmitYoutube Thumbnail
  4. Right Click and save the image to download which size you want to download.

Try it Now

Hope this can help you 🙂

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