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Is Google Sandbox Helping or Destroying the SEO on your New Website?

While it sounds silly, the Google Sandbox phenomenon is real and happens all the time. If you are new to this verbiage, Google Sandbox acts as a filter for new websites, as if they are sifting sand. The Google Sandbox theory was created as the temporary filter that is placed on a brand new website is done so that Google can thoroughly evaluate the site. Believe it or not, there are scammers out there who build websites that are destructive and while they have everything that they need to be a high ranking site, they are in essence just spamming up the internet. In this article we will discuss why you may be in the sandbox and how it can positively or negatively affect your online statistics.  

Before we can even begin to determine why your website is being placed in an online time out, we will need to look at some reasons as to why your website was targeted in the first place. Why might you be affected by the sandbox? Consider these items as potential culprits:

    1. Low quality links
    2. Redirects
    3. Copied content
    4. Over-usage of keywords
    5. Spam

There are ways that you can work your website out of the sandbox and here are some things to put on your to do list. The sooner you take care of these tasks the faster you will be able to rank in Google search.

  1. Remove low quality links and replace with pertinent high quality links. If your site offers low quality images, you should update those as well.
  2. Get rid of redirects. Google will consider the use of redirects to be spammy as the page will redirect to another webpage that is unrelatable or malicious.
  3. Replace, delete, or add a source for copied content. If you have any copied content on your website, you will want to get rid of it or at least provide credit to the resource in which the information derived.
  4. Over-usage of keywords is not a good idea. To avoid this, do research on SEO strategies or hire a professional such as Las Vegas SEO to assist you.
  5. Rid your website of anything that google considers to be spam. Google considers web pages that are malicious or phish for important information to be harmful and of a “spammy” nature.

When building a new website, you will want to ensure that you are using white hat SEO and marketing strategies. This will ensure that your website does not fall victim to quicksand or the sandbox. One of the best ways to do this is by the utilization of “no follow” links. Other suggestions include offering guest post opportunities, producing high quality content that your users will want and enjoy, and creating outreach campaigns that are genuine in targeting your ideal customer base. The best way to avoid the sandbox is to create a genuine, high quality website with great content that provides helpful images and does not spam the user.

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