Hacking Doesn’t Effect the Best Online Trading Sites

Hacking Doesn’t Effect the Best Online Trading Sites

The Internet is a wonderful resource for doing business; but the fact remains that there is a need for security of online transactions.

Online transactions are vulnerable and everyone who does business on the Net has a responsibility to make it safe for its e-commerce customers. Certainly, the Internet community hasn’t just recently woken up to this fact of hacking and safety – it is just that it has recently been brought to our attention once again.

Hacking Doesn’t Effect the Best Online Trading Sites

Leading Online Companies Suffer at the Hands of Hackers

Do a bit of research and you’ll find that companies such as LinkedIn have suffered at the hands of hackers. A British high school student has recently been awarded a tidy sum from Google for exposing a security flaw which hackers were taking advantage of to access sensitive data. Google has since fixed the bug but they had found variants that would have allowed attackers access to this sensitive data. As it is, Google runs a Vulnerability Reward Program which offers rewards to those reporting bugs.

Safe Trading away from Cyber Thieves

Investors and stock market traders have also got a reason to look more closely at their portfolios. It goes without saying that stock market trading is massively popular and also lucrative. There are many fraudsters and hackers who want to take advantage of this. If traders want to trade safely, they need to be 100% sure that they only deal with legit brokers.

CMC Markets make sure that cyber thieves won’t be hacking into your account and wiring your money into their own accounts. They know all about phishing attempts and hacking and are a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. They are a leading global provider of retail financial services and have an award-winning online trading platform and mobile apps, allowing clients to trade on thousands of financial instruments. They make sure that no fraudulent transactions are taking place on their site and that no hackers can break the encryption code they use for secure transactions.

Vast Possibilities with Online Trading

Online trading brings heaps of benefits, and being able to trade online brings vast possibilities. When you choose a broker you want to be sure that they are committed to protecting the security of their client’s personal and financial information. Then you know that they maintain safeguards to protect client’s information which includes –

  • Using firewalls and encryption of electronic information
  • Limiting access to certain information by authorized employees only
  • Using passwords, user IDs and usernames to limit access and to also identify clients

A reputable broker won’t send you unsolicited emails requesting account access information. They also won’t ask you to divulge personal information about yourself. When you’re in the hands of reputable brokers, just like the high school boy who helped Google, you want to help your broker’s too. You’ll want to notify them as soon as you detect any changes in your personal information. You need to also monitor your account frequently, looking at transactions and alerting your broker if you discover anything that doesn’t quite tie up.

Up to Date with Latest Antivirus Software

Brokers who take the time the time to run the very latest version of well-established anti-virus software programmes are also worth considering when you make your choice of a broker. This means that they’re serious about protecting their clients from fraudulent activities and hackers. This Anti-virus software will not only help protect you from viruses, worms and Trojan Horses, it will also ensure that your time spent on the web while trading is always secure. Do research and see that there is no shortage of high-profile hacks over recent years. If you are into trading online, you’ll quickly see that the best, most reputable brokers aren’t among them. This is indeed welcome news to the many people who use financial websites to do their trading with.

Online trading is fun, risky and mesmerising and when the Internet gained momentum in the 1990s, online trading platforms made their appearance, and have gone on from strength to strength. In 2017 the Internet faces threats, but there are many companies that have got wise to the tricks of hackers and they have simply prepared themselves to that the fun and the profitability that comes with trading can continue unhindered.

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