Hottest SEO Trends of 2021 That You Must Know About

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Securing an SEO rank higher than your peers in Google searches is the key to attracting more and more visitors to your website, and raking in more revenues. SEO company experts say that the main challenge lies in understanding the algorithm of Google so that they can devise appropriate SEO strategies that will push your website higher in search results.

Hottest SEO Trends of 2021  

SEO Trends
SEO Trends

As Google updates its SEO algorithms, we find newer trends changing the games for businesses. This year is also a witness to many such SEO trends, like –

  • Loading speed

In a recent update, Google has announced that one of the essential criteria of boosting SEO rank is by optimizing the website speed. Web design agency gurus assert that the design of your website plays a crucial role here – the responsiveness of your website along with visual stability, are the chief determinants of the page loading speed.

  • Google My Business

If you are trying to gain instant visibility for your business, Google My Business can become a handy tool. It will help you list your business in the area and give important information like address, phone number, etc., on display. People searching for products or services that you serve in the area will see your business on Google.

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  • Voice Search optimisation

Experts have suggested that 50 percent of online searches and around 30 percent of overall web browsing will become voice-based in the next few years. Therefore, it is time to re-think your SEO strategy and adapt yourself for Voice Search Optimisation. This can be derived from the fact that people have increased the use of Siri and Alexa in recent times. These voice-based assistants are nothing but search engines that help you get relevant information without typing them down on the computer screen.

  • Prioritizing quality content

Despite all the updates, one common thing since the dawn of SEO strategizing is that quality content wins the game. As marketers say, “Content is King,” and this is true in all the senses. So make sure that your website is well-equipped with high-quality content. Remember that the bots of Google are looking for this so that the search engine gets smarter and sophisticated.

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Developing good quality content does take some time, money, and attention to detail. The whole process cannot be formulated in a day, and it does require some time for Google to recognize your website in the most appropriate way.

  • Mobile SEO

With more and more people using smartphones to browse the internet, Google is showing a greater preference for mobile-friendly websites. Mobile SEO has been gaining prominence for quite some time now, and by this year, it is definitely one of the most significant trends to gear up for. Going forward, desktop-only websites will be completely ignored by the search engine crawlers… something that needs urgent attention from business owners. So you MUST have a well-performing and aesthetic working mobile version of your site, even if you already have a desktop version.

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