How and Why to Find your Digital Marketing Niche

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Whether you are currently working within the field of digital marketing or thinking/starting out within the industry, it is vital to the long-term success of your business to find the main niche that you can specialize within.

At first, you might believe that this will severely limit your success, as you will have less clientele to potentially work with; but I will explain exactly why this is not the case and really the opposite.

In fact, by niching down your agency, it has the opportunity to grow and scale much faster than it would otherwise.

Stand Out From the Rest

Digital marketing is now a huge industry and in consequence, there are thousands and thousands of agency’s that you are competing against.

When you are within a specialized niche, it allows you to stand out from these competitors.

Let me give you an example from my own personal experience:

Prior to becoming an SEO strategist, I was a law clerk/legal assistant.  Taking my legal experience into consideration, I started reaching out to law firms via email marketing.

Within these emails, I would highlight that I was a former law clerk/legal assistant, now turned digital marketer.  I would then go on to say that I wanted to provide my insight as to what they could do to improve their law firms marketing strategies and bring in more clients.

By highlighting my work experience within the legal field, lawyers felt more comfortable speaking with me regarding their marketing needs.  This was large because I already had hands-on experience working with them, and consequently would be somewhat knowledgeable about the legal field.

This gave me a huge advantage compared to the random digital marketers that send them daily or weekly emails advertising their generic marketing services.

You, Will, Be More Confident

Starting with a new client can be hard!

Everything from coming up with an appropriate price for the proposal, to keyword research, to engagement can be scary when you enter into an unfamiliar business niche.

By niching down, you can avoid this difficulty and be more confident in the services you offer.  Not only this, but your agency will sound more professional when it is known that you predominantly cater to law firms, dentists, or clinics.

This confidence will also show in your personality and in turn shine through into your daily business activities.

Getting Clients Will Be Easier

We all want to spend less time searching for clients and even less time dealing with the “wrong clients”.

 By niching down you can improve your client selection process tremendously and improve your ratio of bad to good clients.

When working within a niche, your clients will no doubt have large networks of other businesses and people within their niche that they readily have access to.

If their business is now booming with extra calls due to your marketing efforts, they will undoubtedly let their colleagues and friends know about you.

This will lead to your agency becoming well known within that particular niche and clients coming to you as opposed to you having to canvass clients.

How Do You Find Your Niche?

Think about what areas you have experience in.  Think about the jobs you had when you were younger or things that interest you.

Are you good with plumbing or mechanics? Plumbing or repair businesses could be your niche.

Are you into fitness? Gyms could be your niche.

Did you have a profession that you worked in prior to getting into digital marketing?

Find something that you have experience or knowledge in and use that to your advantage to get clients within that specific industry to display that you know what their business does and that you are better suited for the job than a regular digital marketer that specializes in anything and everything.


There are so many ways to try and find that special niche that will help you stand out and start getting clients easier and getting clients better results.  This will help your agency retain longevity amongst the heavy competition in digital marketing today.

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Dylan Bergum is the co-founder of Two into Media and aims to be the go-to digital marketing agency in Toronto.

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