How App Market and Social Media Platforms Impact the Event Management Business?


The booming app market and the surge in social media are two trends that are changing the face of the event management industry. Staying on top of them has become a competitive advantage that managers and entrepreneurs strive for, one that determines their success or fizzle. There is no other way to be on the cutting edge of the industry than to embrace these novelties. With them working to your advantage, you will be able to make people flock to your digital storefront and improve your bottom line.

Social Media

Getting social

Social platforms have evolved into real marketing powerhouses. Their proliferation is also the result of processes like smartphone craze, increased internet speed, and geographical area coverage. Today, the greater use of technology by the users and customers is something that cannot be ignored. The mobile revolution has created a market in which consumers order tickets online, expect companies to be present on social networks, and seek dedicated apps. Consequently, managers and organizers are under constant pressure to acquire new technical skills.

A millennial population adores online communication with brands, with one third of this group using their profiles for more than liking and posting selfies. Prominent businesses have taken notice, establishing strong social media presence. Furthermore, with the number of smartphone users exceeding 2 billion in 2016, the app usage is going through the roof. Consumers want to be able to consume information on the go, and make purchases in the same fashion. Thus, one of the most important steps is to make the website accessible across multiple platforms.

At their service

Experts argue that engagement metrics like comments, shares, likes and re-tweets should be in the spotlight, used as indicators for accessing social media marketing success. In order to spark interest, managers must accomplish a competitive interaction around the clock, and let business profiles serve as customer service instruments.  As for applications, they can boost the customer satisfaction, as users cherish these convenient tools. Namely, the staggering 89% of mobile time is spent on apps, and they also dominate mobile searches. Just note that user-friendly interface and appealing design are a must if you mean business.

Also, strive to use apps in accordance with social media strategies. Platforms like Facebook are perfect for generating buzz prior to the event, and on the other hand, Twitter is a cream of the crop during the event itself. Of course, some customers will go straight to the company’s website, so do not neglect a plethora of available plugins and additions. With the help of a WP event ticketing system, for example, one can enhance the website in order to meet the rising demand. Just be careful about the way you handle money transactions and establish secure payment gateways.

Now, many make the mistake of not taking advantage of social platforms after the curtains fall. Namely, these powerful tools should be put to good use long after the event is over, keeping the audience engaged throughout the year. Remember also that Facebook aids in re-marketing efforts. For example, an entrepreneur can utilize Custom Audiences to display ads to the people who have already visited the website. The list does not end here and the possibilities are virtually endless: Whether you want to increase the exposure or capture imagination, major social networks are a place to be.


On top of the game

Social media and apps have a profound effect on the online ticketing. Businessmen must be where their customers are and get a hold of shifting buying patterns and preferences. This is an incredible chance to improve your pre and post event marketing tactics, utilize apps to increase the customer satisfaction, and generate a steady stream of profit. Social media and app implementation on a global scale has become imminent, and businesses that fail to realize this will eventually go under.

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