5 Ways to Build A Social Media Brand For Your Business


Marketing experts will tell you that a brand consists of many things – tangible and intangible. Some of the most important elements in building a brand are:

•    Treating the brand as an experience rather than just a single element such as a logo.
•    Building a network of brand-loyalists who will also be your brand ambassadors.
•    Making the right investments in creative marketing strategies and communication             strategy.
•    Tapping into all possible elements to build your brand.

When one talks of elements of building a brand then truly, social media has to figure, large and strong on the list. Here are 5 ways in which you can build a social media brand for your business.

Choose the right network

There are over a hundred social media networks in the world and each one has its own strengths to offer. While, theoretically, it is possible that you can be on every single social network in the world, it does not make business sense isn’t it? Identify your target audience and then identify which networks they are likely to use the maximum and then be only on those sites.

Create relevant content and strategy

Once you have decided your choices, you have to tailor make content for each one. Some guidelines here:

•    Facebook’s population is rather heterogeneous so it is good to promote brand awareness.
•    Yelp is where people leave a lot of reviews.
•    Pinterest is highly women-friendly and is most popular for clothing, crafts and jewelry.

You have to do a bit of research to find out if the network and your content have a natural fit and then publish the same.

Be consistent

Regardless of the number of channels you use, you have to be consistent. This consistency will come from:
•    The use of a particular kind of language.
•    Your color palette for your images.
•    The headlines or descriptions of your products.
•    Your brand image and so on.


Every network out there is all about conversation. Treat the network like it is a social party that you go to. You would engage in conversations isn’t it? It would not be always about making a sales pitch to your friends. Even if people have negative feedback about your product – use the opportunity to understand and internalize what they are saying and revert accordingly. Getting defensive or offensive about your brand is not going to take you anywhere.

Review and update

This has to be a constant effort. After you have finished creating your ‘picture perfect’ profile on various networks, you cannot forget about the same. You have to visit the networks every day and check out everything that is being said about you.

Here is another tip for you – treat your ecommerce store as a social network too. Customers leave comments and have questions on shopping sites as well so why not engage with them on those platforms consistently? Again, you have to visit all your pages every day to be on top of the game of building a successful social media brand in the digital world.

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