How can Kennected help a start-up to accelerate its lead generation?

How can Kennected help a start-up to accelerate its lead generation

Lead generation is one of the most essential components for a business to survive and flourish. If your business is established, then it may be easy for you to generate leads who are interested in your business and want to purchase your product or service. But for a start-up, grabbing the attention of its targeted market is a tedious task.

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In this world of heightened competition where many businesses are providing the same services and products similar to your business, how to attract and grab the attention of your targeted market? 

How can Kennected help a start-up to accelerate its lead generation

In the modern era, the flashy advertisements and other general marketing strategies that helped businesses to get lead a few years back won’t be of much help. The informed and tech-savvy consumers are not interested in the usual mass marketing strategies like email marketing, or advertisements. To grab the attention of these conscious consumers, businesses need to use lead generation software like Kennected to find high-value leads in a short time. 

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Kennected is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive automation solutions for your lead generation. It offers various features like automated outreach programs, personalized follow-ups, and excellent support teams with real people who are available 24/7. The sophisticated tools like Kennected’s LinkedIn tool Cloud Kennect, Kennected Video, and Kennect Calendar can also help businesses find high-value prospects, connect with them, send them personalized messages and follow-ups, and turn those cold conversations into sales-oriented ones.

Now let us discuss how Kennected can help a start-up accelerate its lead generation campaign. 

1. Find high-value leads with Cloud Kennect

A major reason for many marketing strategies to fail is their inability to market the service or product to the right audiences. Only when you channel your lead generation strategies to the consumers who need your product or related products, they can become your potential customers. For a start-up, finding the right market and piquing their interest is daunting. But with the help of Kennected, you can find the targeted audience with ease.

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With the help of cloud Kennect, Kennected’s LinkedIn lead generation tool, you can find high-quality leads from LinkedIn. With Kennected data filters, you can create your search criteria and find the right leads. You simply need to place your URL search results to start connecting with these prospects on autopilot.

2. Send Hyper Personalized messages and follow-ups with Kennected

As a start-up, you need to stand out in your potential customer’s inboxes to pique their interest and turn them into quality leads. With Kennected, you can send hyper-personalized messages with the prospect’s name, company name, industry, job role, and many more.

How can Kennected help a start-up to accelerate its lead generation

The tool also allows you to automatically send follow-ups. You can set a time gap between each message, thus ensuring that your targeted leads do not feel spammed. To enhance the customer experience and stand out to the prospects, you can pair it with personalized videos made using the Kennected video app.

3. Create attractive and personalized video content with Kennected 

As we know, good-quality video content is the most effective way to gauge the interest of the audience. You can create customized videos by using the Kennected video app to boost your email and LinkedIn marketing campaign. Since these videos can be shared through social media, they can also be used to enhance your business’s social media lead generation strategies.

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Moreover, Kennected videos allow you to know how many times your targeted audience watched the video, thus enabling you to measure the success and impact of your lead generation campaign.

4. Evaluate your lead generation campaign with Kennected

As a start-up, you may not be knowing which campaign will drive the best results. You may try various marketing strategies and may end up wasting your valuable money. But with the help of Kennected, you will get insight into which campaigns are giving maximum results. You will also be able to evaluate your campaign and understand what and where the changes are needed.

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As we have discussed, no business can survive without proper lead generation. Therefore, user-friendly and automated lead generation software like Kennected is crucial for businesses, especially start-ups. With such an intuitive tool, they can find the right prospects, invest their precious money wisely, and generate leads, thus boosting their sales and revenue streams.

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