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Best Groovy Bot Discord Commands 2022

Best way to use Groovy Bot Discord Commands? Before that, you can read one of the posts written by us on Best Voice Changer for Discord, Interesting Right! There are many more ways you can use this popular social platform to ensure quality time with your friends, family, or even followers! We are going to discuss one of the most popular music bots available for Discord.

It is probably the easiest way to play your favourite music on your server. Discord has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing ideas and meeting new exciting creators. And with great power comes great responsibility. So, in order to spice up your server with some music a couple of bots are used.

Let’s just say that by using this music bot you can find songs on YouTube, Spotify, or any other platform of your choice and play them on a voice channel. In this way, all your audience will enjoy the same music at the same time. Groovy Bot is one of those things which allows you to achieve the same. It is one of those music bots that are easy to install and provide a lag-free music experience to its users.

Spotify is also available on Discord! Just connect your Spotify account so you can show everyone how cool your music selection is. Everyone will be able to instantly highlight and share their favourite songs with their friends across Discord.

There are tons of stuff for premium users – people can play music non-stop for 24 hours, it allows its users to add audio effects and a lot more!

How to set up Groovy Bot for your Discord server?

Step 1 – Login to discord and visit groovy.bot and select “Add to Discord”

Step 2 – Now you will be displayed a message which says “Add a bot to a server” to select a server from the drop-down in which you want the groovy bot to be added.

Step 3 – Click “Authorize”

Step 4 – Visit Discord and make Groovy a bot in your server. Remember that you need to have admin rights or similar in order to make this happen.

Step 5 – Search the songs that you want to play and have fun!

Best Groovy Bot Discord Commands

Here’s a list of commands that may come in handy when you are using the groovy bot for your music needs.


This command allows you to enter any song link that you want to play or if you have a search query, you can use the same command to find it for you.


This command will display you the list of songs that are currently in your list along with their time duration at that instance of time.


If you have a list of songs added, this command will allow you to skip to the next song in that playlist.


If you have a list of songs added then this command will allow you to go back to the previous song in that particular playlist

5./jump[track position or title]

Using this command, you can jump directly to a particular track by inputting the track position or name.


This command will clear out every song/ track in the queue.

7./loop track

Use this command if you want to continue playing your current track.

8./loop queue

In case you want to repeat the whole playlist/ queue, it would be a wise decision to use this command.

9./ lyrics

This one may come in handy in those cases where you want to view the lyrics of the current track.


This one is probably the easiest out of all – use this in case you want to pause the playback and use /unpause to resume the playback.

11./remove[track position or title]

This will remove the specified track position or title from the queue.


It is helpful in those cases where you want to disconnect the bot from your voice channel and it will also clear the queue.


Groovy Bot will shuffle your songs/ tracks in the queue based on this command.


You can adjust the volume of the track using this command and the /bass boost command will help you set the player’s bass boost setting.

15./reset effects

This command can help you out in case you fall into a rut with too many commands. This will reset all your audio effects.

My Thoughts: Groovy Bot is Good?

The list of commands is longer than this but I have written 15 commands that can you help you with a smooth sailing when it comes to Groovy Bot. It barely takes minutes to set up and the music bot comes with great features which will provide an incredible experience to your server and your voice channel. Groovy Bot is completely free but you can try out the premium version if you wish to which will also allow you to run Groovy Bot on multiple servers at the same time. With their 24×7 support, you can always reach out to them either on their discord or via email.

Groovy Bot is a great integration to your discord for low latency, minimal downtime, and a lag-free audio experience.

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