How Can Salesforce Impact Your Company?

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Salesforce has been one of the terms synonymous with customer relationship management. Changing the industry with groundbreaking, innovative solutions, a lot of technical professionals have been getting hold of the much needed Salesforce Certification to prove their mettle in the field. This not only has helped individuals establish their credibility in the field, but also look forward to better opportunities which act as a ladder rung for better career options.

Given that all Salesforce products run on cloud services, you do not have a significant infrastructure expense involved. Since there is no physical hardware spread out on the floor, you have lower maintenance services which make it a cost-effective product for your company to procure.

CRM is required when you are a new project or just another large-scale industry trying to scale up to better technology and products. Called a customer success platform, it is only one of the best that you can get your hands on for a better business deal.

What does the certification offer?

You have hierarchical certification programs for any technology that you have meant to explore. It always starts at the bottom. As you grow higher up the corporate ladder, you begin exploring better and newer roles which are challenging and give another level of value-add to the organization you are employed at or even your firm. It is the certificate of credibility given that you spend hours and hours learning the new technology which is path-breaking in all aspects.

Similarly, for Salesforce, you have certifications for various roles and profiles. You can pick out any of the following which can add that extra bit of glam to the resume:

  1. Administrators
  2. App Builders
  3. Developers
  4. Specialists
  5. Marketing professional
  6. Architect
  7. Pardot Consultant
  8. Regular Consultant

You have over 25 certifications for the different roles, and each certification is meant to add more weight to your knowledge and portfolio.

One might wonder what these exams generally look like.

It is as simple as it sounds. It is a 60 questions MCQ exam which can last from 90 to 120 minutes on an average. Attempts are priced nominally between $200 and $6000 depending on the kind of exam you are taking. Retakes are processed at $100 for those rated lower whereas others can range up to $3000.

You are not entitled to any pieces of training as such, but it is always recommended that you take up training sessions to understand what the program or the exam might look like. You can have a full blown training that spans over 48-50 hours which can make you self-sufficient to take the exam up given that it is so expensive. The pre-requisite for most of the exams is other Salesforce exams which form the foundation of the whole deal.

You can either walk into one of the certified exam centers to take the exam or sign up on the portal to take it from home without any hassles.

You could pick out these technical architect roles, domain architect roles, specialization roles, and other related certifications which are organized in a pyramid structure. So if you are looking forward to doing a solution architect certification, which translates to the crème-de-la-crème of the structure. This is acquired by professionals who design customer solutions and implement them as a whole release or product.

Major Benefits of Salesforce Certification


As mentioned earlier, Salesforce indeed takes the cake when Customer Relationship management is concerned. The different XaaS have taken over, and Salesforce is a market pioneer when PaaS or Platform as a service is under discussion. But why would you want to go for a Salesforce Certification at all? How does it help you at all?

Well, there are innumerable benefits that we are looking at right now. Given that Salesforce products are used across industries such as telecom, hospitals, automotive, healthcare, retail, and many others, it gives you a choice among the sectors you want to work in. As an intelligent customer success platform, you have these cloud solutions which are instrumental in taking care of sales, services, analytics, marketing, and even operations.

  1. It increases your marketability. You as a subject matter expert become one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry for all the right reasons. Solution architects are a rare breed be it in any domain. Eventually, it transforms your knowledge into a fat paycheck too!
  2. You have the flexibility to choose your career path. You could choose to get ahead and build your skills in the same portfolio or even upscale and upgrade.
  3. Salesforce ecosystem is expected to create more than 2 million jobs by the end of 2020. This means that if you have Salesforce certification up your sleeves, you can ask for a lucrative package and a better value adds to the organization.
  4. Salesforce is regarded as the most effective and leading CRM software and helps an enterprise grow into more effective, streamlined and efficient enterprise across service, sales and promotion as well. If you are Salesforce certified, you can be in the list of the desired candidate of a reputed company.

5 Ways Companies can benefit from Using Salesforce!

If you are investigating the CRM business, you will go over plenty of CRM, with a considerable lot of them offering the base functionalities, pointed towards viable administration of your clients to upgrade your association with them. Anyway, what is it about Salesforce CRM that makes it so prominent and a pioneer in the market? For what reason would an association pay the premium cost for Salesforce, when there would others say others are at about a large portion of the expense?

Salesforce was the first to dispatch a CRM on the cloud and have been the pioneers in the Cloud CRM space from that point onward. The profundity of usefulness and convenience were the essential champs for them. If you view the Salesforce investigation, you will go over the accompanying advantages of utilizing Salesforce:

  1. Excellent Informational Organisation

When you know your customers well, you can provide better services to them. It doesn’t make sense selling the same solution to every customer because most of them might vary in purpose and vision. For example, an automotive company would use certain features of your CRM which healthcare is also using, but it cannot be the same.

Customization is essential, and CRM is one of the potential tools to organize that. Not only you can organize customer data efficiently, but also hire a team who can sort out the whole deal for you. You can store information on the cloud such that it is accessible from any part of the world.

  1. Enhanced Communication Techniques

High-level services are the prerogative of CRM portals. You have access to customer data and CRM allows you to provide the service that the customer is used to or even better. But how does communication come into context? Well, your customer data can comprise multiple information, which can also include an enhanced range of contact data.

It could be through telecommunication, emails, postal addresses, so on and so forth. It can happen that at any given point of time, one of the communications might fail. However, you can make use of other details to reach out to them. It can also happen that the customer might have requested a particular communication preference. You can make use of it such that the customer doesn’t get disturbed or perturbed by any means.

  1. Proficient Customer Services like Never Before

Your time is money and your customer’s time is just pure gold which shouldn’t be wasted at all. When your customer demands resolutions, it is recommended that you be prepared for it at all times. So how does CRM help you? Well, CRM helps you trace customer data and other information such as purchase history, consumer behavior, past activities, so on and so forth which are instrumental in helping you serve them better.

An active database which is not dependent on latency issues is your tool and savior, and that adds value to the services.

  1. Improved & User-Friendly Reporting and Analytical Data

Automation is probably the most used terms these days. You cannot keep hiring manual operators to get the job done for you. And human error can lead to loss of reputation too! As a small scale organization which is just starting, this could be a full-blown disaster.

When you have a better analytics system at work, you can make use of the portals to generate automatic reports which save you time, gives you a dashboard to understand what works and doesn’t for you. These efficient reports help you make better business decisions which are instrumental for better businesses.

  1. Increased Efficiency within Teamwork & Departments

Stored communications, scheduled meetings, departmental memos, and the likes can be allowed for common access. Similar information across teams cuts out the chances of the Chinese whispers which can be a disaster. Common information, a common goal, common communication and you should be sorted for better inter-team work life.

Closing Thoughts

CRM is required for happier customers more than anything else in various corporates. The raging issue is concerning the customer information; however, you can make use of the skilled and better architects than before, especially who have better ideologies and solutions in order to keep it encrypted. And, all this should be done in such a way that it stays safe and you maintain your credibility.

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding Salesforce Certification.

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