How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings?

How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings? 1

Do you know how many websites are live on the internet at this current moment? Knowing the fact can scare you off, but ignoring the present scenario is not the way to go either. According to, there are around 1.7 billion sites on the internet. If you do the math, that is around one site for every four people living in this world.

A lot of things happen online in a single minute and here is a visual representation of those events.

How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings? 2

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It is crucial for you to do everything you can to earn the traffic, as staying idle and hosting your site will do no good for your organization. One of the most effective methods for quickly enhancing your website rank on Google is by integrating video to your website.

Why integrating video is a must for today’s SEO professionals?

Plenty of factors determine the ranking of your pages on Google.

How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings? 3

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The inclusion of video marketing in your SEO strategy touch many aspects of Google ranking factors that eventually improve your rankings on Google. Let’s check out how video marketing is now a vital part of SEO.

Make your audience spend more time on your site

The modern-day internet users have a lot of choices, which is good and also a bad thing for them. However, that plethora of online information has posed a lot of challenges for marketers. Many webmasters have difficulty in making their visitors stay on the site for a long time.

How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings? 4

Search Engines like Google does consider not only traffic but also the time that your visitors spend on the site. There is no point in having over a million visitors if your bounce rate is over 99.9%. Your website could fall in the blacklist of Google if that is the case.

The study finds that people who consume video content are 64-85% more likely to purchase. Here is one more fact, the top 100 search results now feature 70% video content. That number alone must have given a clue about the impact that videos have on the search ranking.

Search engine features videos

Search engines like Google make a lot of changes every year to improve their users’ experience. The popularity of videos has alerted Google as well, as YouTube is now the third most visited site in the world. Let’s take a look at what happens when you search on Google.

How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings? 5

You can see that Google was featuring videos on the top when I searched. It shows how a video can drastically improve your chances of getting on the top of Google. When Google features your video, you will also get a higher click-through-rate, assuming that you have an appealing title and great content.

Just imagine the potential of video by looking at this search result alone. Not only you have the power to make your channel accessible on your market, but you can also mention your site on the description, which can help you gain more visitors via your YouTube channel.

However, keep in mind that Google is also a business, so do not try to quickly divert your audience from YouTube to your site for backlinks and traffic. Only promote your website occasionally, so that you create a win-win situation for both YouTube and your business.

Supercharge your brand/site image

The authority of your domain is a critical ranking factor, and you should try your level best to boost your brand image. More people searching on Google directly by your brand name indicate Google that you are doing something that many people notice and love.

You can significantly lift your brand/site image by publishing videos regularly. Many studies have found that human brains process way faster than standard texts and the people also tend to remember the content they watch. If you keep on getting in front of your potential audience with top-notch videos over and over again, they will remember you by your name.

Builds a loyal audience

Just watch this video at first by Neil Patel and learn about influencer marketing.

I hope you have learned a lot about influencer marketing. Influencers use videos to build a relationship with their audience. Even if you do not know the person in real life, it feels like you know them well and is likely to trust you.

Neil Patel has managed to build a lot of loyal fans through his YouTube channel, and you can do it too for your brand. By having a loyal fanbase, you will be ensuring that you have a consistent flow of traffic to your channel and your site every month.

More engagement on your site

The people engaging with your content means that you have something of value to offer to them and even search engines understand it. That is the reason why many influencers if you have noticed, ask you to like and leave a comment and share it.

How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings? 6

Image Source: Neil Patel

By including explainer videos on your landing pages, you massively boost your chance of getting more leads and customers. Also, the same users will visit more pages, and the time on site also increase along with click on internal and external links. Also, you can expect more comments and shares.

All the engagement of visitors helps in eventually boosting your search engine ranking.

Opportunities to generate more backlinks

From the very existence of SEO, backlinks have played an essential role in deciding the position of the site on the search engine. There are plenty of ways to earn backlinks, and one of the ways to do it is by integrating video to your website.

How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings? 7

Image Source: GotchSEO

When someone is considering to link back to the site, they are trying to refer the best possible resource to their readers. They do not want their readers to be disappointed with the websites they see. If you integrate videos to your site along with some dashing images, you will be giving out more value to your readers. Thus, it opens your opportunities to collect more backlinks.

Better social signals

The video content gets way more likes, comments, and shares from the audience. The massive love for video has led Instagram to introduce its version of the video-sharing tool, named IGTV. Even Facebook is now encouraging people to publish more videos.

How integrating videos can significantly boost your SEO rankings? 8

Image Source: Social Media Examiner

Recently, search engines have given a lot of importance to social signals for deciding the rank of the site. If you publish a fantastic video and it gets viral, you will send out a strong message to search engines, which will lead to improving your SEO performance.

The Takeaway

There is no excuse for not taking video marketing seriously in today’s era. If you are not making any sorts of video, you should seriously consider it and start creating videos right away. There are plenty of free online tools that allow you to produce videos with ease.

In case you are creating videos, but not making an effort in making it better, you should learn more about video marketing and focus more on videos. Videos have a significant impact, not only on SEO but also in generating leads and conversion.

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