How Much Money Can You Make Using Survey Junkie?

How Much Money Can You Make Using Survey Junkie

SurveyJunkie is a popular online survey taking a platform that pays for surveys to be completed by its users. With a low $10 cashout, some users prefer this platform to some of the other survey sites. Surveys can be an easy way to generate money since most surveys will take around ten minutes or less to complete. Just how much can you make with SurveyJunkie? While there are many SurveyJunkie reviews available, in this article we’ll be discussing one thing everyone wants to know: how much it pays.


As mentioned, SurveyJunkie is a survey-taking platform. You’ll be granted access to several surveys per day, which you will complete and receive compensation for. This site’s surveys are used by vendors all over the country to better learn about their customers’ buying habits and preferences.

So not only are you generating money by completing these surveys, but you’re also adding to the greater good by providing information that can make for better business practices. While you certainly won’t amass a fortune by taking online surveys, the value of this information goes beyond just earning a few extra dollars.

The best part about completing surveys is that they’re simple. Surveys are usually very straightforward and can be completed while you’re watching your evening TV programs or making dinner for the family. There’s no complex information to understand, just simple answers to basic questions.

How Does It Pay?

For each survey that you successfully complete, you’ll receive rewards points that you can later exchange for gift cards or cash payment via PayPal. The payment structure of these points is pretty similar to other sites, with one point being equivalent to about 1 cent USD. That means 100 points will be worth $1, 1,000 points are worth $10, and so on.

Surveys can range in value from just a few points to over 200, depending on the length of the survey and the content within. The trick to maximizing your payouts is picking the right surveys to do. It’s very possible that you’ll be offered two different surveys for the same price, but one takes twice as long to complete.

Choosing the survey that takes the least amount of time to complete for the most payout ensures that you’re being efficient. Efficiency always means greater profits, so keep your efforts focused and be sure to choose the right surveys to complete.

How Often Can I Make Money?

SurveyJunkie separates itself from the competition by providing multiple survey opportunities per day. Some sites only offer surveys a few times a week or per month, or even as little as once per month. SurveyJunkie offers the most surveys per day, making it more lucrative than some other survey sites.

You don’t have to complete all of the surveys you’re offered, either. The more you complete, however, the more offers you’ll get for longer and more valuable surveys. You can easily make time to complete a few short surveys throughout the day so you can unlock more profitable ones.

You’ll be emailed when your new survey offers are available, so be sure to check your email or turn on notifications so you never miss an opportunity.

Survey Junkie’s Age Limit Sets It Apart

While many survey sites require its users to be 18 years of age or older, SurveyJunkie only requires that users be 13 years of age minimum. This makes SurveyJunkie a great resource for teens and adults alike looking to generate simple income.

So, How Much Can I Really Make?

How much you make on SurveyJunkie depends largely on how many surveys you’re willing to complete every day. Since you’ll be getting daily survey offers, there is a lot of potential for earnings if you make time to complete the work.

Since the points system is equal to around 1 cent per point, you’ll need to accumulate 1,000 points before you can cash out. This will require quite a few surveys, but if you get access to longer surveys, you can reach that 1,000 point benchmark much quicker.

Let’s say you do three or four surveys per day, at around 50 points per survey. That would be almost $2 per day, or $14 per week, an extra $56 per month. That’s a low estimate, of course, as you can always do more or fewer surveys or get access to more lucrative ones.

Is It Secure?

SurveyJunkie is secure to use, and your information won’t be shared or sold to third parties. The site doesn’t deal with any of your banking information since the payments are sent via PayPal. You can be certain that any information you provide is secure and confidential.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re willing to set aside some time every day to fill out surveys for cash or gift card rewards, SurveyJunkie is definitely worth the effort. The simple payment structure, multiple daily survey opportunities, and the overall ease of the work itself makes using SurveyJunkie one of the simplest ways to earn extra money online.

Whether you’re looking to add a little extra spending money to your checking account every month, or just want to generate a secondary income stream, SurveyJunkie can help fill that gap with easy work and quick payouts. Maybe you’d rather earn gift cards? That option is available as well. Next time you need some quick cash, try SurveyJunkie for free.

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