How Tech Is Improving The Commute

How Tech Is Improving The Commute

The commute has long been the bane of many of our lives. Hours spent mindlessly in transit are not productive, nor are they any fun at all. However, these days things are a little easier, partly in thanks to the fact that we are all always connected, all of the time. The commute need no longer be dead space, completely wasted. We can keep up to date with deals and transactions, or simply relax. The commute doesn’t need to be the stress it once was.

Keep On Top Of Your Work

Working on the go has never been simpler. Even when a WiFi connection isn’t at your fingertips, most people now have 4G on their phones which can be used to tether a connection wherever you are. You can stay up to date with emails, make calls, and you can even download work related apps like Slack or the CMS used in your office; right on your phone. The commute can now be spent working if you want as well, killing two birds with one stone. Just ensure that you’re not being overworked by your boss for no extra pay!

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One of the best ways to take your mind off things after a long day is with a basic task designed to stimulate your mind and also entertain. Online gaming quite literally ticks all of the boxes in that respect. If you’ve never tried slots games online, 32Red is literally a perfect intro, with so many different themes to choose from, like Tomb Raider and Game of Thrones! Of course, there are other games available across the web, such as on Jackpot247 wich can also be played on the go so you’re not using them to procrastinate too much. Why not check out what 32Red can offer in terms of the aspects of popular culture that you already know and love?!


Those days when you forget your headphones are an absolute nightmare, that’s for sure! However, when you’ve come prepared, you have pretty much every song ever written at your fingertips, all of the time! From Spotify to SoundCloud, right through to your prized downloaded collection, there’s an abundance of music that can make the journey that much easier.

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Live music does wonders” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by the_black_room


Yep, now you can even catch up on the latest drama quite literally, all whilst you’re on the go. Netflix might be slow on streaming when your connection isn’t great, but for the most part, you can still catch up. Just be careful – if you’re a fan of anything a little weird, remember that out of context, other commuters might seriously judge your viewing choices….


You don’t need to transport a ton of books around anymore just because you want to read! Obviously, all the best publications are online. In fact, sadly, some won’t even exist in print anymore – the Independent for example is finally stopping. However, you can still ready great articles (ahem) when you’re out and about and on the go!

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