How to check for a #hash in a URL using JavaScript?

How to check for a #hash in a URL using JavaScript?

What is #hash in a URL ?

Any URL that contains a # character is a fragment URL.A fragment is an internal page reference, sometimes called a named anchor. It usually appears at the end of a URL and begins with a hash (#) character followed by an identifier. It refers to a section within a web page.There are a few things about the fragments, the most important may be that they aren’t sent in HTTP request messages.In this article help you to check for a #hash in a URL using JavaScript.

Javascript can manipulate fragments on the current page which can be used to to add history entries for a page without forcing a complete reload.
It’s unable to read it by php. It uses by client side (browser) for hash navigation, but you can write JS code to handle hash change and send async request to your server side (php) and display result on your page.

For example:


Check for a #hash in a URL using JavaScript

To check whether their is a #(hash) in the URL ,we can use window.location.hash which is used to returns the anchor part of a URL, including the hash sign (#).

if(window.location.hash) {
  // Fragment exists
} else {
  // Fragment doesn't exist

As per the above code,if their is any type of #(hash) fragment it will be return true else it will be false.

Example :

Let the URL be


Note: To get that extra #(hash) string without the # symbol we can use substring(1) function to skip the first character i.e. #

Javascript Code

var hash = window.location.hash.substring(1);
 document.write(hash); // Fragment exists
document.write("No hash"); // Fragment doesn't exist 



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