How to convert PDF files to Epub online for free?


When you got an eBook in PDF format, it probably cannot be displayed clearly on e-readers like iPad. The easiest way to solve this problem is to convert those PDFs to Epub. The Epub format would adjust the content in the proper size and give you a better reading experience. If you need to convert PDF files to Epub online, there is a great online PDF to Epub Converter for you to take advantage of without running into trouble-PDF Convert Free.


Overview of PDF Convert Free

PDF Convert Free is an online PDF manager for you to convert PDF to Epub online in a matter of seconds. Whether you have PDF software or not, this online tool enables you to convert up to 5 PDF files in seconds. Furthermore, this all-in-one tool combined with a multiple of other features, including convert PDF files to word, image, TXT or Latex, turn word, image, TXT or Latex to PDF, merge, split your PDF, rotate the angle of them, compress the PDF to smaller size, as well as protect and grayscale your PDF files.

Key Features of PDF Convert Free

This online all-in-one PDF manager combines a multiple of PDF management tool as follows:

  • Merge PDF file.
  • Split PDF file.
  • Convert PDF to images (JPG, PNG, BMP or Tiff).
  • Convert PDF to Word.
  • Convert PDF to other formats (Excel/ PPTX/ TXT/ EPUB/ SVG).
  • Convert Word/Image/TXT/Latex to PDF.
  • Rotate PDF.
  • Compress PDF.
  • Protect PDF file with a password.
  • Grayscale PDF file.

How to convert PDF to Epub online for free?

Here is a step-to-step tutorial for you to protect your PDF online in a super simple and easy way:

  1. Enter to visit PDF Convert Free on your web browser. Hit the “PDF to Epub” option to start converting your PDF online.
  2. Upload your targeted PDF, or drag and drop it on the main panel. You’re capable of selecting at the maximum of 5 PDF files at the same time.
  3. If you need to delete an uploaded PDF file, click the “Remove file” button to delete it.
  4. When your file is ready, click on the “Upload and Convert” button to upload your PDF files and convert them into Epub in a matter of seconds.
  5. Finally, you will get a download link with converted PDF files. Hit the link to start downloading your PDF files and view them on your computer.

The Bottom Line

PDF Convert Free offers one the most practical way to convert PDF to Epub format easily and conveniently. It allows you to convert a multiple of file formats into any others. Furthermore, if you have a multiple of PDF files to convert later, here is also a desktop version for users to convert PDF to Epub on Windows offline. Click here to take full advantage of PDF Convert Free and start converting PDF to Epub like a pro.

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