How to improve your smartphone battery life


Smartphones have now become a necessity rather than a luxury. Our whole life revolves around that tiny little pocket devices we carry to each and every place. There is not one single thing that the smartphone cannot perform and we have given a top-level importance to it in our daily lives. Our lives have become so digitized that we prefer to be with this tiny pocket device to carry all our important tasks.

Since the need for smartphone’s presence has rapidly expanded, so is the demand for a mobile phone with super features. The main feature we look in to before buying a smartphone is its battery capacity. When newly launched the battery capacity of a mobile phone was at the embryonic level when compared to the present-day scenario.

Forty years back, a typical mobile phone battery took almost ten whole hours to completely restore to its original capacity. But today, we have a whole variety of mobile phone’s battery which can be recharged fully in 3 hours and can also last up to 3 whole days. We have witnessed an impeccable development in technology which we all belong to.

There are over a million of applications that are launched on to the market and each of them requires enormous battery levels for their efficient functioning. In such cases, power banks are of great help.

With a greater increase in the dependency of human beings on mobile phones, there is a need for the device to be charged now and then at higher frequencies. Additionally, we have brought about the usage of such accessories like power banks are also a bigger boon to us. These products can be brought easily to improve the battery life of your smartphones. Online shoppers have an added benefit of availing offers on mobile accessories like power bank, data cables etc and can grab these products at cheaper rates.

Factors that lead to battery discharge

There are also a great number of factors that contribute to the decrease in the life of a mobile phone battery.

There are multiple factors that can act as a silent factor lowering the life of your smartphone battery.

  • These may be due to the multiple apps that are running in the background even though you have closed them.
  • Leaving your battery on the charging port for a longer time.
  • Keeping the brightness of the phone in full level may also lower the battery charge
  • Having a lot of unwanted apps in the phone which is not used that often.

There are many other factors which may also contribute to a poor battery performance, draining of battery at faster rates, frequent intervals of the phone being struck and the deteriorating battery life may also be one of the main reasons.

Tips to improve smartphone battery life

  • Keep an eye as to what takes the most energy

The best way to extend your smartphone battery life is to constantly check which application is using most of your battery. When you check it and shut them at the right time you can extend your battery life for up to an hour.

  • Keep all the app notifications in off mode

The notifications sent by every app installed in your mobile phone sucks the battery at exponential rates without your realization. When all these app alerts are kept at silent mode, you can save a great deal in our mobile battery life.

  • Turn off all the unnecessary hardware

You may find it convenient to keep all the extra hardware like mobile data, Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS in switched on the state but they are the silent cyanide to your mobile phone battery life. They take the charge even when they are not in use and creates a huge loss of battery life.

  • Keep your smartphone in battery saver mode

You may wonder why to keep your mobile phone in battery saver mode until it comes to twenty percent or less but that is actually a lifesaver if you want your battery life to come for a longer run. They will always reduce your smart phone’s background apps at hibernation hence saving battery life.

  • Get rid of useless widgets and home screen wallpaper.

If you love keeping a fancy wallpaper and a great screensaver then you might be unaware of the fact that you have unknowingly mad your phone prey to the battery trapping features. These widgets, home screen wallpaper, and screen saver take a lot of your phone battery and leaves you with a dead phone within half a day.

  • Close down the background apps

Don’t forget to close all the apps that you have frequently used as they also use a lot of power. If you constantly shut them you can spare a few extra minutes battery life in your mobile phone.

  • Keep your brightness level down

Every smartphone has a brightness adjuster and if you wish to extend your battery life, then keep the brightness level in your phone totally or partially down as you can still view your phone screen with optimum brightness.

  • Research thoroughly before buying your mobile phone

Even though there are thousands of techniques to improve or save battery life, the advanced smart move from your side can be to research about the capacity of your smartphone battery and invest in the one that has a really long life.

  • Use Airplane mode to extend battery life

The airplane mode option in your m0bile phone is not just to use them on your flight travel but also to save your charge when you are in need. The airplane mode in your phone can be kept when you don’t need any voice call or messages coming to your reach. Use your mobile phone in airplane mode when you charge your smartphone to get them charged quickly.

  • Use the Updated app versions

Even though there is an auto update option in the store, it is better if you manually self-update the apps so that these apps won’t waste the battery charge to work efficiently.

  • Update mobile software

Use the most advanced software in your mobile phone so that there is no auto starting of apps. The most recent software has latest bug fixes which extend the battery life up to a large extent.


The smartphone and mobile accessories are an essential tool for us and there is no life without them at hand. When they play such a crucial role in our technologically advanced world, it is vital that we adopt all methods give them a longer life. The battery life of today’s smartphone is itself advanced but still, there is no limit to our battery needs. These techniques can be easily implemented to extend the mobile phones battery life to keep them functioning until the end of your professional work timings.

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