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How to Locate Lost Android Device

hey guys back after a long break you guys must be thinking that there is no post from a past couple of weeks, it is due to some examination going one. And finally i am here with a new educational post and hope you are going to like it.

So, sometimes it is a common problem we left our device in our classroom or in a friends car and don’t know where we have left it & sometimes we forget our cell phone by keeping it somewhere so here is a simple technique using which you guys can locate your device easily or ring it from anywhere in the word or erase the data or even lock the phone to keep the data safe from your friends or some kind of thief. Most of us start making calls although it doesn’t make any sense if vibration mode too is off but the ring works when we call using this service the amazing feature which i get to know.

So here we start it:


  • Go to Android Device Manager by Google in your desktop browser, follow the link HERE.
  • Login with the same Gmail account you used to activate your Android Device before and registered in Google Play.
  • Now you will see your device name and last login date. Also, you will be seeing three options i.e. Ring, Lock and Erase.
  • By clicking on Ring, your device starts ringing at high volume which help you find your phone in seconds. This function works even when your phone is in silent mode.


find lost phoneYou can also Lock your device with a password in case device is lost. You have to input a message and a number to make sure whoever finds your phone, can call you back at that number.

2If the Location services of the device are turned on, you can find the exact location of the device by clicking on locate service which is at the right side of the device name.

You can also wipe off the data by clicking on Erase. It’ll perform a factory reset on your device. Your apps, photos, music and settings will be deleted. After you erase the device, Android Device Manager will no longer work. Factory reset setting will start working automatically when your device is online.

Warning: Do not forget the password at the time of locking.

Cons: Location option Only work when the GPS option is enabled in the device else ring and erase and lock all features work fine without GPS.

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