How to Properly Clean Your Computer Glasses


Just bought your Computer Glasses a few weeks ago? There seems to be no better feeling than to be able to work on your home or work computer without straining your eyes. All spectacle wearers can’t hide the feeling that comes with putting on clear, unhindered visions using crystal clear Computer Glasses.

However, sometimes, this time is usually cut short by smears, streaks, and even fingerprints. Nothing can turn your joyous mood off than dirty Computer Glasses. Makes you just want to pull them off and wipe them using your shirt or sweater or just any piece of clothing that’s around.

But then, this can end up being where all your troubles start. You can’t just use any piece of clothing you find to clean your Computer Glasses. Improper cleaning of these glasses can end up damaging your modern lenses. And yes, even the Computer Glasses with anti-scratch features end up being damaged over time when improperly cleaned.

There are, however, better ways to ensure you clean your Computer Glasses and have them looking as good as new without compromising their integrity.

For optimum vision, follow these Computer Glass cleaning tips

Even if you have no other option, using tissues or any clothing is not usually the best option for cleaning your glasses. The particles of these clothing and tissues usually leave particles of dirt and dust on the lenses. These foreign particles often cause micro-scratches which eventually blur and impair the vision and quality of the lenses. It is crucial to note that scratches cannot be removed whether they are on your plastic or glass lenses. You may think that the defects only appear to be of a cosmetic nature. But when light gets dispersed by these micro-fine scratches, it ends up irritating the eye. And the only remedy to this is only usually to get new Computer Glasses which can be overly expensive sometimes.

Wash and dry your hands first

Before you commence with cleaning your Computer Glasses, it is essential that you, first, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them. This helps to ensure that your hands are free of any dirt, grime, lotion or anything that can easily transfer to your Computer Glass lenses. So, while washing your hands, use lotion-free soap.

  1. Using microfiber cleaning cloths

You can now find many microfiber cleaning cloths that are perfect for cleaning lenses. These microfiber cleaning cloths are scratch-free. They are also lint-free and, thus, are your best first line of defense when planning to clean your glasses.

Good microfiber cleaning cloths work great for day-to-day cleaning. They help provide you a clearer image plus get rid of all the dirt and dust particles and any other debris that may have found their way on your lenses.

You simply need to use these cloths gently on your lenses to remove any debris on your lenses. You, however, need to be careful not to apply too much pressure on your lenses when wiping them using the microfiber cleaning cloths. Lest you end up scratching your lenses instead. You also need to realize that repeated wiping can eventually wear down the coating on the glasses. When this happens, your Computer Glasses will more likely end up being scratched or damaged.

In most instances, you find these clothes being sold with the specialty lenses as well. They also usually come in small sizes. Small enough for you to fit into the casing of your glasses. So, you can always access them whenever you need them. Without having the pressure to use your shirt or sweater to clean your lenses.

So, if you can, you should also fit a good microfiber cleaning cloth in your bill when buying your Computer Glasses.

  1. Using lens cleaners

Some specialized lens cleaners are also available for cleaning Computer Glasses. You can always find them at drug stores or grocery outlets. Individual lens cleaners come with their own sets of instructions that you must follow when cleaning your lenses. It is usually recommended that you only spray each of your lenses directly once and then wipe them off using an appropriate scratch-free, lint-free cloth. You do not need to use the lens cleaners often on your Computer Glasses. Instead, only use them when you haven’t worn your glasses for a particularly long time, and they have accumulated some dust or dirt.

  1. Dish soap method

Yes! You can actually use dish soap to clean your Computer Glasses. Manufacturers also recommend using dish soap for cleaning glass lenses. To successfully use this method, you need to put a single drop of dish soap on each of your glass lenses under running water. As this happens, you can rub your lenses gently using your fingers to remove any dirt on them.

Your next step should then to rinse the lenses using warm flowing water. After this, your last step is to pat your glasses using scratch-resistant and lint-resistant cloth.

  1. Have your glasses cleaned professionally

There are situations where you may not be able to clean your glasses properly. Take, for example, where your lenses are in good shape, but the glass’s nose pads or other components defeat you to clean without damaging your Computer Glasses. In such situations, you need to see an eye care professional.

Here, the professional thoroughly clean your glasses using an ultrasonic cleaning device. In case there are any yellowing nose pads, then those can also be replaced with new ones. It is essential that before you attempt to clean your Computer Glasses yourself, you first check with a professional whether that is possible.

  1. Use the glass’s protective storage case

Almost all eyeglasses, Computer Glasses included, come with protective storage cases where you can keep them safe. It is, therefore, necessary that you always store your glasses in their respective cases whenever you are not using them. Even if you are sleeping, glasses are very fragile and can easily get scratched or damaged if not properly cared for.

Final thoughts

There is a lot to cleaning your glasses. Just about everybody has his/her own way of cleaning their Computer Glasses. However, very few methods are recommended and ensure that you do not damage or interfere with the integrity of your Computer Glasses even as you clean them. They are the ones discussed in this article. Try them out and see which one works best for you.

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