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How to share files between Android , Ios & Windows ?

Hey guys finally the wait is over, when we think how we can share our Files, folders, images, music, videos on different OS (Operating systems), as in past it is not possible to share files from android to IOS without making a Jailbreak on IOS or by using ITunes on windows, but now you can share the any files or folder or anything between any of these three platform very easily and in some seconds without having any of the trouble.

Bittorrent, yes you have heard it right bittorrent which is torrent client used to downloads different torrent files have made an app compatible with all these three platform (Android , IOS & Windows), which will make you share any of the Files , image , video anything from one device to another just by scanning the QR code from other device using the app and it will transfer the content from one to another like we do it on android using different apps like Superbeam , Shareit etc.

If you want to send any of the files to your friends, you can choose the file you wish to send and your phone will display a QR code. The person to whom you are sending the file to, the receiver, will have to scan the QR code, and the data will be transferred using the BitTorrent Sync Technology. Since Shoot is powered by the BitTorrent protocol, files move instantly between devices without going through the cloud, and hence they are less likely to be hijacked. Also, they are transferred faster, regardless of the network of the connected device.

You may say that we have Bluetooth and other messaging apps that do not require the hassle. Well, Shoot’s two main winning points are:

  • It is easy to send large batches of media files to several devices at one time. There is no limit on the quantity of files that can be moved using the Shoot app.
  • Privacy, since nothing goes up on the Cloud service. That is, the files are only being accessed by you and the recipient – the company’s servers aren’t acting like a middleman in the process. Data is shared directly instead of requiring files to be uploaded to a central server and then downloaded by the recipient.
  • BitTorrent Shoot doesn’t require the two devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network, which is a plus.

Erik Pounds, BitTorrent Sync’s VP of product management, explained:

If you’ve ever experienced a situation where you’re on iOS and a friend next to you has an Android phone, sending something like a big batch of photos or a long video is a challenge. We based the use case around spontaneity: You could be at a concert with friends, recording a video; on vacation with your family, taking tens/hundreds of pictures; maybe at a birthday dinner, capturing a group serenade.

You can download the app now directly from

Google Play

Apple’s App Store

Windows Phone Store

Just for trial, you can send three files for free using Shoot. After this, you will be asked to pay a one-time fee of $1.99. Receiving is free. Though, this is how the app generates revenue (yes, Shoot does not show any ads.)

It will be interesting to see how QR codes work out in the future for exchanging data through different devices.

You can check out how the app works below:

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