How to Use Android Keylogger for Better Parenting

How to Use Android Keylogger for Better Parenting 1

The Android keylogger is a must have for every parent. While technology has provided numerous avenues for growth, it is unfortunate that it has equally provided a whole new set of challenges. People with dubious intentions have infiltrated the internet and parents are no longer sure of what their children are exposed to. The change in lifestyle has made the use of cell phones necessary for communication purposes, while learning has been converted into digital mode incorporating the use of tablets.

Android keylogger as a Parent Aid

As a parent, it is important to embrace the positive side of technology. This includes better and timely communication regardless of distance, ease of reach, exposure to the world for your kids and easy learning among others.

However, it is equally important to be realistic and understand that as children grow up, they are also eager to explore further. As they do so, they will use the available resources to satisfy their curiosity. Currently, the internet is one of the biggest resources that is readily available for use.

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible for parents to keep up with the children’s activities on the internet. The good news is that with a professional Android keylogger like iKeyMonitor, you have an aid that can be trusted to help you navigate the parenting road.

How Does An Android Keylogger Work?

We will take iKeyMonitor as an example to show you how an Android keylogger works. Generally, you need to install this app on the target device physically. After that, you can start monitoring the target device remotely. It is invisible, meaning that the child will not be aware that they are being monitored. Some of the key features of the app that are invaluable to a parent include:

How to Use Android Keylogger for Better Parenting 2

Invisible Monitoring

You can monitor all the activities on the Android phones and tablets without raising suspicions, or leaving any trace that you are watching them. It’s helpful for parents to avoid the friction and chaos in the family.

SMS Tracking

Through this feature, you will see all the text messages that are sent, the recipient and the time that the text was sent. You will also be in a position to recover deleted messages.

WhatsApp and Snapchat Spy

This feature helps you to spy on the conversations, see both the sent and received messages, capture the key strokes and screenshots of the messages on these apps. You will know how your children have been recent. If they are in trouble, you can always be there to help them in time.

Spy Call Recorder

The Android keylogger makes it possible for you to record all the calls made and received. This is done anonymously, and they include the timestamps of when all that took place. By listening to their phone call conversations, you can know them better and protect them from potential harm.

Multi-language Support

In addition to the above features, iKeyMonitor Android keylogger is a multi-language app which tries to caters for the global users’ need. You can easily select a language which suits you the most.

App Blocker and Screen Time Limit

An Android keylogger such as iKeyMonitor allows you to block unsuitable apps and games, set time limits on the time spent on the screen while on the internet or playing games. It’s good for parents to manage children’s phone usage effectively. In this way, children also learn to balance study and entertainment.

View Logs Online

If you are unable to view the details real time, the keylogger has made it easy for you. All the above activities are stored and sent to the set email or any online private account for later viewing. You do not miss any moment at all.

In conclusion, every parent that cares about the welfare of his or her child should have the iKeyMonitor Android keylogger.  You become a better parent by being aware of the activities your child is involved in, and the people in their lives. This ensures that you are a step ahead and able to correct, guide and discipline your child accordingly.  With the presence of child predators and a lot of unsuitable content on the internet, you can divert any situation that would otherwise be detrimental to your child.

It is important to note that spying on your child is not a show of mistrust but rather a precautionary measure. It also gives you an opportunity to get involved in their lives as they grow up and offer the necessary support.

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