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How to use SMS to Market A Non-profit

If you’re part of a charity, one of your main forms of marketing is likely through social media. This makes sense, as these platforms are some of the cheapest and also have the potential to reach a large number of people.

However, despite being great, there are many other marketing channels that your charity or non-profit can benefit from.

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One of those channels is SMS or texting. There are many things that you can do with this channel. Here’s a look at some useful ideas.

Ask for donations 

When using SMS, you have direct access to your supporters and the followers of your charity. This makes it a great place to ask for donations, as it sends SMSs to people you would have had previous contact with, like through a booking form or previous donation.

This means that the people you message are more likely to be interested in donating. When using non-profit text messaging, you can make it where a receiver can make donations by just replying to the text. This makes it convenient and easy for them.

Inform people of events 

When people receive a text message, they’re more likely to open it than any other form of direct communication. This means that when you send information, there’s a high chance that people will see it.

This makes it the perfect channel to advertise and inform people of key events.

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When doing this, ensure you avoid spamming and limit how often you message people. People may start to block you or ignore your messaging as they find you annoying. Instead, limit your communication to no more than once a week and only send texts about your bigger events or events in the recipient’s local area.

Also, make sure to include an option for people to opt out of the SMS messages.

Follow up communication 

When navigating your website, many users may stop halfway through your donation journey, potentially logging off before donating. If you want to try and convert that user into a donor, and if they’ve entered their details into the website, you can send them a follow-up SMS to remind them to complete their donation.

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This is a great way to stop people from forgetting to finish a call to action, and can be useful in reminding people to finish the donation process.

You can also do this for other functions, such as signing up for a newsletter.


There are various ways that an individual can market their non-profit. Although social media remains supreme, there are various other channels that you can try which will likely be successful.

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One of the most underutilized yet also the one with the most potential is SMS marketing. With this method, you can communicate directly with valuable people who have engaged with your non-profit before and easily get them to donate to you or finish off what they started on your website. You can also send important information to potentially boost attendance at your events.

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