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How you can Eliminate Error “The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running cannot view PDF”

It has been observed that all PDF files do not open in every version of Acrobat or Reader. It is clear that there may be some version issue or issue in the document itself. From time to time the Acrobat or Reader versions are updated with different features set to engage users. However, there are few cases where a user is using the old version of PDF despite knowing that new versions (dots) are released. In such case the concerned PDF file may not open and can appear as corrupt (although being healthy). On the contrary due to open source of PDF files, there are chances of getting corrupt. These corruptions appear in the form of malware or virus that participates in derailing the binary codes of the file.

To get rid of this potential error, you can very well try the following methods:

  • Repair current installation of Acrobat: To repair the affected installation of Acrobat, click Help -> Repair Acrobat Installation or click Help -> Repair Reader Installation.
  • Reinstall Acrobat Reader: The other trick to avoid the effect of this error is reinstallation of Acrobat Reader with the latest version. This will eliminate all reasons held responsible for holding the file as corrupt. Once new version is reinstalled, user can access the PDF files.
  • Inspect the Registry path for Acrobat Reader: To inspect the registry path, you would require to  follow these steps:

Click Start -> Run.

2.Type Regedit and click OK.

3.Click Edit-> New-> Key and create HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Software\Adobe\Acrobat\Exe.

4.Click Edit -> New-> String Value and name the newly created key.

5.Select the newly created key and go to Edit -> Modify. State the default path in the ‘Value Data’ of your product.

6.Restart the computer.

    Run the PDF Reader in new local administrator account: To repair the above mentioned condition, the other alternative is to create new administrator account. It has same permissions as the prior account had. Thus, when new account is created user can access the administrative files.

When to take Third-Party Assistance?

The third-party assistance is needed when the above-mentioned solutions do not work. When it becomes tedious to revive the concerned PDF files, then it is ideally recommended to opt for a third-party assistance. One such third-party software is Kernel for PDF that has been designed to meet all the requirements needed for PDF repair. The tool repairs all the affected PDF files starting from simple corruption to multilevel corruption. Kernel for PDF employs powerful algorithm to repair multiple corrupt PDF files in a single batch cycle. During entire process, the data items remain entirely secure. Due to user-friendly GUI, user can use this tool conveniently.

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