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Images are not only used in our photo albums, but images are used in several other places too, and their sizes matter a lot. Different images have different sizes, and there are some situations when we are allowed with a minimum size, but our picture is way too bigger than it. For example, if you are an owner of a website so to make it attractive, you have to upload various content including text and images and to upload large pictures on a webpage you require more time, and stronger internet connection.

Similarly, many bloggers or writers add pictures in their articles for better content, you all might also be struggling with inserting an image, as large photos take a lot of space as well as do not look good.

A little while back, I wanted to add a picture in my article, but I was facing the same problem, and I tried to crop it, and while doing so the quality was ruined. After I encountered this situation, I started looking for a way to make the image smaller and keeping the quality same. So, after using several tools and apps, image compressor tool by smallSEOTools is the best tool among all others I have across online.

Image Compressor: Compress your images in minutes

Image Compressor is a tool that everyone can easily have access to without paying a single penny from your pocket. Yes, you get all the features at the same time without downloading anything or having to pay for any premium version. This tool is designed specifically for the ones who want to reduce the size of the images but don’t want to compromise on the quality. With image compress tool no matter if your picture is in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format you can submit it and get a smaller version of the image.

Moreover, unlike many other tools image compressor will enable you to get an image which contains the same quality as the original sized one. No type of date is omitted, and you get the exact duplicated picture as a result of using this image compressor.

Another problem faced by several people is that they have many images that they want to shrink and wish all of these to compress at a time. This image compressor enables us with this feature too. We can submit up to 20 images at one single time, and in a single click, the size of all the pictures will be changed.

The only thing you will have to keep in mind is that the size of your original images must be 5mb or less than it. The photos will be converted into the minimum size, and you will be given with two options by the image compressor which makes it more user-friendly. One is that you can save the smaller versions into Dropbox and the other is that you can download it, for more than one images a choice to “Download All” is also provided to us by the tool.

Advantages you get after using Image Compressor

By using a tool to compress the image, you get reduced sized images with the same quality. As the size gets to its minimum so you can save more pictures in the same space and can save your extra money of buying new hard drives or cards to keep those images. Moreover, you also will not have to delete the old images to save the new ones as by compressing the pictures from image compressor the size will be reduced.

Similarly, due to less size, you can upload the pictures on the websites. The compressed images will not take time to upload so you as well as the visitors will not have to wait for long for the image to load. So, it might help to increase the traffic of your website as well as due to smaller in size and high-quality images the ranking of your site may also be improved in different search engines like Google.

Image Compressor is highly recommended to anyone who wants to reduce the size of the images for storing or using them online, without having any impact on the quality. It is a free and straightforward tool which is available on the internet.

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