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Importance of Social Media Marketing to Surge Growth

Are you missing out on your conversions and sales? Do you lack interaction with customers? You can bring great success to your business by adopting social media for brand marketing. Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest have allowed marketers to use social media platform as a means of doing business online.

Social media marketing is where all the marketers come together on social media platforms for the purpose of promoting their brand. The main reason why social media marketing is widely used is that there are approximately 2 million active followers on social media. An average user spends 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media platforms.

It means social media enables you to do business with a large number of people. Hence, it’s essential that you market your business through social media platforms. Here are 5 reasons which state the importance of social media to surge growth.

  1. Rich Customer-Insights

Operating on social media means staying up to date with the latest trends and techniques. You’ll be able to witness the changing tastes of your customers quite often. It would give you an insight into what customers are looking for next.

Social media is like an open book; you can judge the behavior of your customers by viewing their likes, dislikes, and comments. Once you’re able to comprehend your customers, your brand would grow rapidly.
Take a look into what customers are talking about, what they are interested in, and most importantly, the trending ‘hashtags’ on social media platforms. You may remember how fidget spinners became so famous – every other brand introduced their own fidget spinners because they were able to look into the customer’s interest.

Importance of Social Media Marketing to Surge Growth 1

Social media is like an open book; you can judge the behavior of your customers by viewing their likes, dislikes, and comments. Once you’re able to comprehend your customers, your brand would grow rapidly.

  1. Low Marketing Costs

Traditional forms of marketing – Billboards, posters, commercials, have always been very heavy on the pockets for businesses. Thus, it made it very difficult for small businesses to properly market their products.

Social media marketing won’t cost an arm to you. Signing up is free for all business – you can start with your own page or business profile without spending any bucks. You’ll only be charged when you will promote your products and services. Paid advertising on social media platforms is a lot cheaper compared to traditional marketing practices.

Importance of Social Media Marketing to Surge Growth 2

These statistics provide sufficient evidence about social media marketing being the ‘cheapest form of marketing’ in today’s world. Since all other forms of marketing, even radio marketing is expensive than social media marketing.

You can start with a small budget and see how things work for you. Low marketing costs can help you achieve a higher return on your investments along with some conversion rates which are crucial for growth.

  1. Brand Awareness

It would be futile to start a business without making people aware of its existence. Brand awareness is essential for the growth and success of any business.

What could be a better option than social media to make people aware of your brand? All you need to do is create a business page and start working on your business operations. You can promote your posts, based on the ‘demographics’ of the audience you want to target. It would make your brand visible to them – creating brand awareness. It’s just like we come across new brands while scrolling through our social media accounts.

Importance of Social Media Marketing to Surge Growth 3

These statistics show that social media marketing helps in creating brand awareness. 72% of marketers have been successful in creating brand awareness through social media marketing.

Once people are aware of your online presence, it increases the chances of growth which can lead your business towards success.

  1. Higher Conversions

Social media can be an optimal platform to boost conversion which helps the business grow. The key is to market your products to the right audience –set your demographics carefully while promoting your posts.

Once you’ve targeted the right audience, there are high chances that they would be willing to give a try to your brand. You need to provide people with what they are looking for – with some social evidence. For instance, if you’re offering fashion apparel, then upload pictures and videos of the trendiest fashion clothes. It builds trust and credibility amongst people. Hence, there are more willing to shop from your brand.

Importance of Social Media Marketing to Surge Growth 4

As shown above, Facebook and Instagram are the best social media platforms to increase conversion rates for business.

Statistics suggest that 30% of the small business owners were able to achieve higher conversion rates through social media marketing. You need to interact with your customers to boost your conversion rates.

5. Engagement with Customers

Social Media Marketing is a ‘two-way’ marketing process. It allows you to engage and interact with customers. Sometimes, small gestures also make a difference.

Engagement would be possible when you’re able to respond to your customers well – answering their queries, responding to their messages, and replying to their comments. You need to serve your customers through every possible way, whether you make an e-book or deliver podcasts or address their queries through infographics or chatbots. These are all personalized forms of interaction that develop the interest of the customers and through word of mouth, increase your customer base.

Importance of Social Media Marketing to Surge Growth 5

Here’s an example of how a well-established brand, ‘Sainsbury’, is engaging with customers by giving some humorous replies on Twitter. These are things which help a brand grow. With traditional means of marketing, this wasn’t possible. Social media marketing has made it possible to engage with customers and build trust. It is essential for the growth of your business.

Many marketers have labeled social media to be the ‘next big thing’. You can look into these 5 reasons to understand the importance of social media marketing to surge growth.

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