GIVEAWAY! iMyfone World’s Best iOS Cleaner Review

GIVEAWAY! iMyfone World's Best iOS Cleaner Review 1

Hi guys are you frustrated with you iPhone memory, if using a 16 Gigs models. Then this application from iMyphone is for you. Just connect any of your iOS device with this application in Windows and MAC and start cleaning all the junk and temporary files from it. You can even compress high end images without compromising with the quality.

What you need to do is that, just go to there website which is and download the application named as iMyfone iPhone Space Saver and Download Windows or MAC.

Right now it is available for 19.95$ and you can use trial also if you want to test it first. But here is a twist if you don’t wanna pay for it and use it always, so we are giving away 5 Licence Codes for free. If you want to get those code just watch our video on the same subscribe there and comment why you want this application with your email id so that we can contact you.


iMyfone iphone space cleaner website techniblogic

So, Lets start how to use it and download it first. To download the application just visit there website and download the software.

Windows                                                       MAC

iMyfone iphone space saver download windows and mac techniblogic

After downloading the application just start installing it like the normal application. You can do it by selecting the desired space where you want the application to install.

iMyfone iphone space Saver install techniblogic

Once, the application get installed up just put the Licence code if you have purchased it and if you want to test it first and want to use as trial just select the Trial Version.

iMyfone iphone space Saver register techniblogic

Once you are done with everything, this screen will appear over here you need to plug in your iOS Device using USB Port and it will detect the device.

iMyfone iphone space Saver plug iphone techniblogic

After detecting your device, which in this case is iPhone 6 which is a 64 GB variant. From here we need to first scan our phone so that all the junk and temprorary files can be detected by the application. For that just click on Quick Scan Option.

iMyfone iphone space Saver quick scan iphone techniblogic

After clicking up on Quick scan, it will start scanning your device from its core so that all junk, temp and other caches can be taken out for getting maximum storage back.

iMyfone iphone space Saver Scanning Iphone techniblogic

After, it is done with scanning the device it will show all the app files which can be deleted and compressed as per your command and action and how much data will be save once you are done with one thing.

iMyfone iphone space Saver all junk files techniblogic

lets start with the junk file clean up, so when you click on it. It will show all the crash logs and different other things.

iMyfone iphone space Saver cleaning junk techniblogic

Just deselect the thing which you don’t want to clear and start the action. It will take few minutes as per your data and will take back to previous screen once done.

iMyfone iphone space Saver Cleaning cache techniblogic

Coming to the second option which is cleaning up the temporary file which in my case is having about 900 MB files. Once i click on clean it will start cleaning my device temp files and one best thing, it will show you the remaining time. Every person will have its own remaining time depends on the files and how any files are they in my case it is showing me 89 Minutes but it was completed in approx 15 minutes.

iMyfone iphone space Saver cleaning temporary files techniblogic

Third part comes up with compressing the images from only files size but not from quality as it is showing compressing 26 MB image in 1.2 MB which will save a huge amount of storage from the phone or any iOS Device.

Here you have two more option where you can Backup and compress the data and another one is backup and delete the data. Again it depends on you which option you want to use.

iMyfone iphone space Saver cleaning Image compressor techniblogic

Forth point it comes where you can search all the huge files which are unused and is taking a huge storage in your device. Here you can simply select the files and delete it. You can also analyse the things and copy it on your hard Drive and clear the device storage for further USE.

iMyfone iphone space Saver huge file cleaner techniblogic

Last and the final thing which you can use to clear the storage is by deleting the unsused applications and there cache files by just selecting it from the iMyfone application and uninstalling it easily.

iMyfone iphone space Saver Apps cleaner techniblogic


By using all such mean in iMyfone application you can save a huge amount of storage in your iOS device, which no other software is proving till now. This is the only application which is provides so much open space for cleaning the junk and temp files from any iOS device.

There are so many such application for android but for iOS this is the one you should go for.

How To Participate – GIVEAWAY

  1. First Subscribe to our Channel
  2. Comment on the video “Why you Want it?“, with your valid Email ID so that we can contact you.
  3. All…Done!
  4. Just Wait for the results (31th July 2016)

The Giveaway for 5 Premium codes for iMyfone pace cleaner is Active till 31th July 2016 And on 1st August 2016 the result will be announced using different social media. So, Don’t forget to follow there as well.
The giveaway of 5 Premium Codes will be distributed after the selection of the winner that those codes will only work on provided email ID so in comment only mention Active email ID.

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