Insight is Precious: Network Monitoring is a Great Way to Ensure Your Business is On Track


Today, information needs to move so quickly that even the slightest delay is unacceptable. So, network monitoring is essential for businesses of all sizes. That’s especially true if your workforce is not under the same roof and relies almost exclusively on a network.

Yet some owners put off this decision. They believe that monitoring means hiring a consultant to set up a system or adding another task to an overburdened IT department. But new software companies are committed to network monitoring made easy. So, you can take advantage of these benefits.

Avoid Losses

Many people spend considerable resources making their networks resistant to outside attacks. That’s a very smart thing to do. Hackers are incredibly advanced, and not all of them simply want money. Yet, most businesses do not experience serious cyber-attacks.

On the other hand, unintentional network interruptions happen almost every day. All of them lead to costly delays. Some common occurrences include:

  • Broken printers,
  • Website crashes,
  • Empty toner cartridges, and
  • Tripped-over power cords.

If these events happen offsite, your entire network may go down. You need to know about these events ASAP. First, you need to be able to address them. Second, you need to reassure partners and/or employees that the problem is well-controlled.

Easy to Use

Setting up your network is that hard part; monitoring it is the easy part. If you could do the first with little help, you can do the second with no help. Most network tomography software has a basic, Windows-based interface. Most of the technical decisions have already been made. There’s very little configuration required unless you want to customize the experience or add features.

Once in place, the software gives you a steady stream of information but does not overload you. Filtered email and text alerts are usually available as well. These messages give both all-clear signs and warn of potential interruptions.

End Manual Checkups

Most daily to-do lists include mundane chores, such as verifying that certain components are in order and then sending out updates. Network monitoring replaces these activities. You and your employees can effortlessly strike an item off the to-do list. Then, you can move onto something else with complete confidence.

Measure Trends

Almost all businesses are data-driven, to one extent or another. Network monitoring provides vital information about usage patterns. You can easily see which devices are bearing the brunt of the work. By extension, you can also see which employees are strained almost to the breaking point with work and those who have some additional bandwidth.

Peace of Mind

Installing additional sensors is about the only customization required in the aforementioned setup process. The slight time investment produces significant returns. There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing all is well. This mindset reduces stress and enables you to focus your energy on other, more vital areas.

The benefits of network monitoring are significant. But they are only available to those who partner with a top company that provides solutions to everyday problems.

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