Instagram DP Download: Here Are 3 Best Ways To Do It!

Instagram DP Download

Are you trying to download an Instagram DP? Read this blog to learn about the websites for Instagram DP download and the applications for Instagram DP download.

A display photo, or DP, is merely an image that appears on social media sites and serves as your username. They have everything, including Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and more. To make this work easier for you to complete, we will examine some of the best methods for Instagram DP download in this article.

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Instagram DP Download in 2024

  1. Navigate to and press the profile menu option.
  2. Make a copy of the profile’s URL.
  3. Seek out an Instagram DP downloader.
  4. Enter the profile URL in the designated search field.
  5. Select whether you want to download or see the DP.
  6. You can either click or press on the picture.
  7. To download the image, select the option.

3 Best Ways for Instagram DP Download

Instagram DP Download
  1. Directly through Instagram
  2. Utilizing websites owned by third parties
  3. Utilizing applications from third parties

To make this process easier, let’s talk about each Instagram DP download option separately.

1. Directly through Instagram

This is a simple method of downloading the DP straight from an Instagram profile without having to visit a lot of websites or use any third-party software.

To download Instagram DP through Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Here, all you need to do is visit the Instagram account.
  2. Take a screenshot of the Instagram DP profile with your phone, enlarge it, and save it.
  3. As an alternative, you can take a screenshot or use a snipping tool to get a PC’s profile picture.
  4. By doing so, DP is directly saved through their Instagram account.
  5. This is quite a basic and easy method, even though it may look a little outdated.

2. Utilizing websites owned by third parties

Recently, a large number of third-party websites have appeared that provide help with downloading Instagram display photographs.

The top third-party websites for downloading Instagram DP are listed here.

  1. By entering the username of the account, Inflact enables you to download the DP with just one click.
  2. After you enter the account username, Toolzu may take up to 30 seconds to download the Instagram DP.
  3. Another website that offers an Instagram profile URL for downloading the DP straight to your phone is Indown.
  4. Reelit can assist you with downloading DP in addition to the reels, movies, stories, and postings.
  5. You can use the profile link to instantly access the profile photo using the InstaDP downloader.

Both your PC and mobile device can easily visit these web pages. The only thing that differs is the location of your downloads. For PCs and laptops, the image is downloaded in the Download area. On mobile devices, it is kept in your Photos or Local Gallery folder, which you can access.

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3. Utilizing applications from third parties

Check out these 5 best mobile applications for Instagram DP download.

Sr NoName of the applicationAvailable on

HD Profile Picture DownloaderAndroid

Insta Profile VieweriOS

Download Profile Picture (HD)Android

Insta Dp DownloaderAndroid

Instant DP SaverAndroid

How do I change your Instagram DP?

If you obtained the profile picture from a different account, many of you might be curious about how to modify your Instagram bio picture.

The first rule of thumb is never to use someone else’s profile image. One way to violate someone’s privacy is to use their DP as your own. Try to avoid doing that at all costs.

Furthermore, you are free to use any generic image that doesn’t violate anyone’s copyright and that you think is hilarious or instructive. Here’s how to modify the cover photo on your Instagram profile after downloading anyone from an account:

  1. Get your phone’s Instagram app open.
  2. To go to your profile page, click the circle at the bottom right of the page with your DP on it.
  3. Click Edit Profile > Edit Photo.
  4. Select the desired DP from the library, which is the current gallery from which you obtained it.
  5. After uploading, click done.

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Learning how to download an Instagram cover photo will save you time and effort the next time you’re tempted to do so. The three methods and accompanying actions listed above are all fairly simple to use. They will spare you the trouble of searching the Internet for the right way to download the DP.

We hope you liked our article on Instagram DP Download and are now ready to rock your Instagram profile. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comment box below. For more such content, stay subscribed to Techniblogic.

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