100+ Best Instagram Hashtags For Likes In 2024

instagram hashtag for likes

Looking for the best Instagram hashtags for likes on your posts, stories, and reels? Anyone who claims to be okay, even without many likes, followers, or comments on their Instagram post, is most likely telling the truth. Here, we go into more detail on increasing other metrics and getting likes on Instagram using hashtags.

We also investigate various hashtag types to increase the likes and followers of your social media posts, reels, and stories. Here is our list of the best Instagram hashtags for likes.

What are Instagram hashtags?

What comes after the # symbol is the Instagram hashtag, or hashtag for short. It can consist of emojis, numbers, sentences, or any combination of these. As a result, your material becomes more discoverable and accessible.

When someone looks for a specific hashtag on Instagram, they can come across your content as an image, video, or reel tagged with that hashtag.

Before anything else, you should determine whether you are a regular user, business, or influencer wishing to draw extra attention to your profile. We’ll talk about these hints and techniques in our dedicated section down below.

Top 10 Instagram Hashtags For Likes in 2024

  1. #photoshoot
  2. #likes
  3. #followback
  4. #bhfyp
  5. #loveyourself
  6. #likes4like
  7. #insta
  8. #viral
  9. #explorepage
  10. #india

Instagram Hashtags: Why Are They Important?

Instagram hashtags use the already-recent automation to set a search redirection towards the posts to which they are tagged. Assume that your post includes the hashtag #TravelIndia. You can now see your post in the search results for #TravelIndia. The following are some unique explanations for why Instagram hashtags are ideal for you:

  1. Instagram hashtags benefit public accounts looking to increase their profile’s reach and interaction.
  2. This section of the hashtag tool might be best for a business looking to reach potential buyers for its goods.
  3. It makes your profile searchable for everyone who searches for it or uses this hashtag.
  4. Design a particular search page for the desired ranking. Suppose you use the hashtag #FoodTravelWithZeena. If all the posts you use this hashtag for are unique to you, gather them here.
  5. To promote specific brand-endorsed initiatives or efforts in general. One search led to the grouping of all #MeToo posts.

Now that you know the importance of hashtags, it’s time to comprehend how to use them strategically on Instagram to garner over a thousand likes.

best Instagram Hashtags For Likes

  1. #photography
  2. #love
  3. #art
  4. #fashion
  5. #music
  6. #instagood
  7. #photooftheday
  8. #reels
  9. #travel
  10. #model
  11. #explore
  12. #wedding
  13. #explorepage
  14. #instagram
  15. #makeup
  16. #summer
  17. #beauty
  18. #nature
  19. #artist
  20. #style

best Instagram hashtags for likes on selfie posts

It’s important to understand that only some hashtags have the same meaning. Even though we offer the most popular and well-liked Instagram hashtags for likes on selfie posts, the market for them is fiercely competitive. Use hashtags appropriate for your account’s size and interaction rate to achieve outstanding results.

best Instagram hashtags for likes


771 345

728 349

690 462

613 114

562 270

548 857

525 736

521 077

506 710

best hashtags for likes on Motivation posts

#motivation is currently the 49th most popular hashtag on Instagram, with 271.06M posts.

best hashtags for likes on Motivation posts

866 729

800 081

703 344

667 145

649 316

620 747

619 690

619 434

582 866

551 262

best Instagram hashtags for likes on a couple posts

Explore our list of hashtags related to #couples. Use these tags to increase the visibility of your post, get more likes, and grow your fan base. They are ideal for use on all social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

couple posts

144 470

131 739

129 342

667 145

127 556

126 890

125 854

121 913

120 071

118 670

best Instagram hashtags for likes on dogs posts

In our final section, we’ll explore the most effective hashtags for dog lovers and show you how they may promote your brand, attract more followers, boost interaction, and eventually help you become more well-known in the online dog community.

best hashtags for likes on dogs posts

8 245,796

8 219,574

8 147,766

7 433,416

7 312,376

6 965,729

6 692,922

6 476,180

6 095,580

5 955,398


You need to realize that there are better ideas than using too many hashtags. To get likes on Instagram, you must utilize the relevant hashtags, but don’t use too many!

As numerous accounts demonstrate, your post and caption are hidden from the public view, while hashtags take center stage. Each element has equal significance. Using too many hashtags or any other kind of tool could be bad for your Instagram profile. These best Instagram hashtags for likes will undoubtedly increase your following and popularity.

We hope you liked our article on the best Instagram hashtags for likes and are now ready to rock your Instagram profile by using these best Instagram fonts. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comment box below. For more such content, stay subscribed to Techniblogic.

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