Download Instagram Highlights: Use These 3 Simple and Free Ways!

Download Instagram Highlights

Are you trying to find a rapid and easy method to download Instagram highlights? Downloading the status update is necessary for practically everyone who uses Instagram. Here are some of the most excellent methods to download Instagram highlights so that you can set the record straight and begin answering questions similar to yours.

Practically everyone wants to download Instagram highlights. Here are some excellent methods for downloading an Instagram status so that you can set the record straight and begin answering questions similar to yours.

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best ways to download Instagram highlights

Download Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights, which follow on from Stories, Nothing fancy, just our stories, which will remain eternally connected to our profiles! Unless you go the extra mile and erase them. Highlights display underneath our bio in adorable, tiny circles that are files. Additionally, you can now download Instagram highlights!

Would you like to store your favorite stories for unrestricted viewing at any time? Do you want people to notice your beauty or brilliance even before they approach you? Use Instagram Highlights to make your profile more visually appealing while also introducing yourself or your brand. Use this opportunity to attract fans by highlighting your best traits. Use Instagram highlights as bait and go for the kill—not literally, of course.

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Method 1: Download Instagram highlights Online

Download Instagram Highlights

StorySaver is a free website that allows you to save unlimited Instagram highlights from any account. It’s the perfect complement. You can download Instagram highlights and store them on your PC or phone, allowing you to relive the memories you treasure. And, yes, you can now secretly save gym highlights from your crush and drool. Do not be bashful; it is not a crime.

With StorySaver, your privacy is our priority. It simply consumes a few precious seconds of your life to download Instagram Highlights anonymously. So, you can stop worrying about people knowing about your crush. Are you excited yet? Furthermore, there are no time-consuming registrations or expensive purchases involved.

What are the best ways to download Instagram highlights? Dive in and follow these three simple steps.

  1. Open StorySaver and the Instagram account from which you want to save the highlights. Copy the username.
  2. Paste the username into the dialogue box on StorySaver.
  3.  Select the current story or the specific Highlight/s you are crushing over.
  4. Click ‘Save As,’ and the video or photo will be downloaded to your phone or PC. It’s as easy as that.

Method 2: Download Instagram Highlights Using Stories Archive

Download Instagram Highlights

The Stories Archive is a collection of all stories ever uploaded. However, the stories vanish after 24 hours, but not without a trace. They are still accessible via the Stories Archive. Don’t forget to enable this feature to automatically save all published stories. Download Instagram Highlights from the Stories Archive and enjoy a free walk down memory lane. 

The Stories Archive is a vast collection, from the earliest to the most recent. It is convenient and quick, particularly for mobile users. Grab your phone and save Instagram highlights in four simple steps. Do you not believe it? Scroll further to see for yourself.

Download Instagram Highlights
  1. Open Instagram and open a profile. Tap the archive icon on the profile page.
  2. The archive library will pop open. Finding a specific story can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But luckily, the stories are arranged date-wise.
  3. Click the story you wish to save and tap the three dots in the bottom left corner.
  4. Then click on ‘Save photo/video’ to download it on your phone instantly.

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In conclusion, we covered everything there is to know about Instagram highlights. You now know how to download Instagram Highlights and watch anything that anyone has submitted as a Highlight. And it was done anonymously. Sounds exciting. 

Create and edit movies with Wondershare Filmora, then add them to Highlights. You’re a professional by now. Use that wisely to grow your fan base and take over the world, or at least your city, for starters. Instagrammers, are you ready to rock? 

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Please let us know whether our efforts were helpful by providing feedback in the comments section. We’d love to hear from our readers. Go ahead, craft or download Instagram highlights, and enjoy. Good luck, Instagrammers!

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