Top 10 International SEO Tips for Your Website

3 vital tips to boost your search engine optimization in the New Year

2020 is been a great deal for most online performers. As this year ended up transferring every physical resource into virtual and there is a huge demand for online performance. The best performer online would take over the market regardless of the field it is.

Understanding the current scenario, we have decided to present you something on how to improve your website performance with some international SEO tips. Would you be interested to know what they are, sit back you have some great stuff your way?

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Top International SEO Tips

International SEO Tips
International SEO Tips

Generate High Volume Quality Content:

As we all know, Content is the King, it is very much essential to increase the volume of content that you generate every week. You need to know when your audience is likely to look for content. Feeding your audience knowing their thirst would help you much better to increase page views.

Leading personalities like Neil Patel improved his page views by increasing the volume of content that he generated week on week. It scaled from once a week to twice or four times a week, hence the range of page views increased from 46k to 100k.

Generating high volume content does not mean you can generate any content no matter how irrelevant it is. Quality is as important as high-volume content. People are not just feeders of high volume, they come in search of some informative stuff and when you provide what they search for they try to check on you every time they look out for answers.

Try learning more about marketing to establish trust and generate backlinks for your content. This is the only way you can determine a strong base among your competitors.

Optimize for Voice Search:

Houses are equipped with voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple’s Siri. The analysis says almost 58% of audience rely on voice search to obtain their services.

Provided your website should be responsive to handle these optimization upgrades. Your website can be made accountable by optimizing your website for voice searches and this can be done by aiming towards long-tail keywords.

There are online listening tools and public forums that can help you with optimizing your website for voice searches. These forums gather a good set of queries that customers ask, and you can optimize your website to answer such queries when tried with voice searches.

Contribute Guest Posts:

Guest blogs are a one-stop solution for you to obtain backlinks for your website. Other advantages that you obtain through guest blogging are,

  • Gains you referral traffic
  • Brings backlinks
  • Improved brand awareness

In this case, the most important thing is, you will have to find blogs that accept your articles. The best way to find these sites is by typing in “Write for us” keyword on the Google search bar and Google will do the rest for you.

There are chances of improving competition when people find the same keyword to search for guest posting sites. To resolve this problem, you can try an alternative like the “Content Explorer.” There are sites that often do not publicize about the content they would require from a guest blogger.

So, you proceed with the content explorer by typing in a keyword or key phrase and click the toggle. Make sure that you do a pitch on the same site more than once.

An added tip to make you sensible with your guest post is, write content that is relevant and pitch your service on the same blog. This is likely allowed when you do not push the product in your content.

Promote Your Content Social Media Handles:

Especially in these days of quarantine people hang out much on the web. People are so much interested in engaging with interesting content on the web.

There are different communities on the web, like

  • Facebook groups
  • Forums
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Stack

A recent ad-on is the Instagram platform where posts of great design perform well on this platform. You can give it a try to connect with likeminded people and make them engage in your posts.

And be sure not to spam around these groups, people are very much concerned about such spammers in these groups and there is a chance of getting banned from these groups. So, how do you make your audience engage with your posts?

It is quite simple, all you need to do is, engage with the community regularly by posting and sharing small content with them. You can go further and build professional relationships for them to trust you. By this whenever you post on these communities, they get your back to support you.

Stay Active on Quora:

Do you even consider staying active on Quora? If you have not tried so far, we would recommend you give it a try. There is a hand full of authors who are active on Quora who take the chance to answer questions related to their niche.

The simplest way to be good on Quora is to come up with compelling answers that your audiences like. The best formula is the best copywriting. If your answers are good and justifiable along with a story kind of format, people automatically upvote your answers and share them across on the platform.

So, if you ask how to do perfect copywriting/ answer on Quora, the technique is simple:

  • Give value
  • Narrate stories
  • Add images

These three are the best-experimented techniques that most authors use in their writeups. You can try them as well. Do not be dismayed that you are not good at storytelling. Your experiences are the best stories that you could narrate to your audience. Once they like it, they would return to you.

Equip with SSL Certificate:

The SSL certificate is the only key to help your users recognize you as the safest platform on the internet. Any web page or domain that is preceded with an HTTPS is assured to have an SSL certificate installed to it.

The Comodo SSL certificate holds different SSL certificate categories like the positive SSL which can be used for a single domain and the rest as follows, Multi-domain, Comodo Wildcard SSL, EV SSL and EV-Multi Domain SSL.

To withstand the modern algorithm standards, the SSL certificates are equipped with 2048-bit RSA key.  The Comodo SSL certificate offers dual benefits for those who prefer cheap SSL certificates for their website. The benefits are effective cost with powered encryption.

Brand Collaborations are Highly Effective:

Have you been pleading for someone to promote your content or your friends to share them across the platforms and to their mutual friends? We are sad to inform you that you have been performing the most tiring tasks ever and you even annoyed most unfamiliar personalities on your contact list.

The best way to attract or cross-promote audience is to collaborate with some non-competing brands or brands with a similar target audience.

You can organise a webinar with the other brand and share your services or ideas across the platforms and promote one another as far as you could. You can even record the video and get them uploaded on YouTube that the webinar may be referred to your audience in the latter days.

Update Your Content:

Ways to Optimize your Content Marketing
Ways to Optimize your Content Marketing

There are chances of updated content to reach the first position for a target keyword. All you need to do is check for a content that you previously posted and update it with some purposeful content, change its anchor texts and repost it on your blog.

There are surprising results for people who posted their updated content as blogs or web copies. So, all you need to do is keep your content fresh and up to date, this keeps your ranking high as well.

Target Topics that have High Search Volume:

To find high search volume topics, you can seek the help of Ahref Keyword Explorer, online tool. Now choose a keyword to find thousands of ideas. You can find the following two things which are incredibly important,

Keyword Difficulty: You can find the difficulty of ranking for a keyword on a scale of 0-100.

Search Volume: You can also find the number of times and the search demand of a keyword in a country.

These give you a clear insight into how you can choose topics that can possibly rank in the first position of the SERP.

Build a Mobile-Friendly Design:

The mobile-friendly design has never been a secret in all these years. Mobile-friendly websites are recommended since 2010 and probably the greatest source for websites to rank better on search results. As mobile users have grown day by day it has become essential to own a mobile-friendly website with optimized images, code and content which can instantly load on mobile devices.

The ultimate cause to recommend a mobile-friendly website is, people are no more interested in slow loading websites and search engines are not so eager in calling these websites to the first page of its search results. That is the reason behind fast-loading mobile-friendly designs.

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Wrap up:

Since 2020 online platforms have become the biggest source of both information and entertainment and it involves a lot of competition in the market. Competing with some big stuff would probably cost your life but these international SEO tips can ease your burden on improving your website performance.

Did you find these tips interesting and useful for your website? Then try implementing them to your website and never fail to let us know your results. We would be glad to hear your website performing great on the search engine.

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