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Video editing is a catchy business, it’s hard to learn but easy to do when you have mastered it. Normally, we do our editing on Final cut Pro & Adobe Premier and that has been our thing since past couple of years. Mastering these editing software need precision, dedication and a knack of creative approach, something people do not have time for. So, search around and found something, a video editing tool that is reliable, fast and can save a lot of your time.

InVideo, it’s an online video editing platform that can create awesome videos in seconds. The website has millions of images, templates to create promo video or list, storytelling video templates, and even Instagram stories. Let’s see what more it offers.


Fastest Video Maker for Social Media Marketing invideo

Video templates: The tool has several video templates that you can use to create any video quickly, it lets you fast-forward through the editing process. You just have to select the template design and copy & paste your video script.

Video editing: The tool also gives extensive editing platform, where you can trim or extend clips, crop fames and loop videos. It also has extra features such as stickers, overlays, and GIFs, one can also choose to go in-depth with advanced editing option.

Copyright-free music: The platform also provides copyright-free music, with which you can create a great video. The best part is that you don’t have to go out there and upload the music separately, everything is right there.

Brand Presents: It helps to faster the process of adding a brand logo and outro in the very video. If you set Brand Present, InVideo will automatically add the logo and outro with your social links. For now, you cannot add multiple brand presents but the team is working on it and maybe added in a future update.

How to Start with InVideo?

There are only a few moments like this when we appreciate a product for its benefit and usability. Although, the tool might not pack the same punch of mainstream editing software it does a pretty good job for small video clips and casual editing. And in our use, we found these feature quite interesting. Quick Review techniblogic

There are main 3 Options that you have to choose:-

1. Option One: Convert Your Website Script to a Video

This is one of the most popular and useful options for many websites owns and content writers. They can simply submit their article link and  Invideo Editor will automatically fetch the content from your article and make a video out of it. Isn’t it Great! You don’t have to learn any complex video editing on a high-end machine. You just needed a Chrome browser and the Internet. That’s All! Invideo AI system will suggest you the images and stock videos in the video as per your text keywords. It is not 100% accurate but yes it saves a lot of time and efforts of searching and adding it manually.

2. Option Two: ReadyMade Versatile Templates

In this, you can use their readymade templates and edit it as per your requirement. It can be very useful when you want to make a specific type of videos.

3. Option Three: Build Your Own Video

Above 2 options are loaded with pre-defined templates, but if you want to build your own video from scratch this option is for you.


InVideo Quick ReviewAlthough Invideo is free to use, just create an account and you’re good to go. But it does have Starter, Professional and Enterprise plan as per your suitableness. The most popular plan is the professional one, priced at 50USD/Month and offers 30 Video/month. All of the premium plans have access to invideo’s premium template library.

Try it YourSelf


If I need to sum up, I can say it a great product which can really help to skyrocket your social presence and increase more engagement on your social media platforms.


  • Website to Video Feature
  • Prebuilt templates
  • Set your brand presets
  • Auto Text 2 Speech Feature


  • Only Chrome Browser Support
  • No App Available
  • No whiteboard Videos Template
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