Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: iPhone 13 Under Rs 40,000

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: iPhone 13 Under Rs 40,000

On October 8, Amazon will begin its Great Indian Festival Sale 2023, and in the days leading up to the sale, the company has been teasing some very sweet discounts. The most recent installment is a discount on the iPhone 13, which reduces the effective price down to less than Rs. 40,000. This price is inclusive of a consumer exchange offer; if you do not choose the exchange, the iPhone 13 may be offered at a slightly higher price.

The 128GB variant of the iPhone 13, which was released in 2021, presently sells for Rs. 59,900, while the 256GB model goes for Rs. 69,900 and the 512GB model goes for Rs. 89,900. This indicates that the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale, which begins on October 5th, will provide savings of up to Rs. 20,000 off the iPhone 13’s official MOP.

iPhone 13 Price on Amazon Sale

Those who are interested may get the iPhone 13 at a discount during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2023. Sure, but how? Amazon’s deal breakdown indicates that you may expect to pay less than Rs. 59,900 for this item. In addition, a maximum discount of Rs. 1,500 would be provided for consumers who pay using SBI Bank Debit and Credit Cards. SBI Bank clients may save up to Rs. 1,500 during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale with an immediate discount of 10 percent on mobile purchases, while saving up to Rs. 1,750 on purchases across all other categories.

Amazon has hinted that customers who are willing to trade in an older gadget (functional smartphone) would receive a discount in addition to the device’s current worth. However, not everyone will have a phone to trade in, so it’s safe to anticipate that many individuals would take the bank’s offer instead. However, Amazon asserts that the effective price for the iPhone 13 is less than Rs. 40,000 when factoring in the offer price, bank discount, and additional discounts on exchange.

You should know that this offer is only valid for a short time. Amazon’s sale price of the iPhone 13 is likely to increase in response to rising demand and limited supply.

During the Great Indian Festival Sale 2023, in addition to the iPhone 13, Amazon is likely to offer steep discounts on later iPhone models including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, and the iPhone 14 Pro.

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