Latest Jio News: Jio Summer Surprise Offer Stopped by TRAI 😱

Jio Summer Surprise Offer Stopped by TRAI

Today we are having latest Jio News which is coming up regarding JIO summer offer. As we all know a few days back jio has announced their new JIO Summer offer where we are getting extended 3 month to use unlimited jio offer like New Year offer for more 3 months. But now here is the twist due to so many competitors in the market and their complaints towards jio, TRAI has to announce a shutdown to jio summer offer.

So what’s exactly is going to happen now. The announced is we got jio summer surprise offer from 31st march but the jio members who have already registered under prime membership + recharged for Rs 303 will be covered under Jio Summer surprise offer for next 3 months but who so ever is going to recharge from now onwards for prime as well as for Rs 303 will not be getting any kind of Jio Summer surprise offer. This is the official statement which is just coming out from JIO Media.

This is going to be bad news for so many people who are waiting for 14th march so that they can recharge for prime and use that summer surprise offer and now they just cannot do anything.
So whom so ever has already recharged for prime and for Rs 303 has that offer and it won’t get discontinues.
So, that’s it for the video guys, we will surely going to inform anything new if we get to know. So thanks for watching guys

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